Child of the Ancient Wars by Jennie Lee Schade

  • ISBN: 9781504501651
  • Written by: Jennie Lee Schade


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The third book in The Pixy and the Giantess series is where everything comes to a head. Krystina and Perry, the pixy boy she rescued from a spider’s web will not get to live happily ever after just yet. A monster from Perry’s past has abducted her brother. And now she must plunge back into the sword and sorcery world of the Pixali and the Fae to find him. They will find him. And they will find time to play with each other as well. The Children of Horror have come into the light again. The pixy and the giantess will make time for love…and adventure too as the truth about the ancient wars slowly comes to light

Warnings: This imaginative, paranormal story contains frequent, ecstatic sex, bondage, role reversals, FemDom, intimate relations between mythological beings, peril, GID, abduction, captivity, magic, more bondage, capture, rescue, interspecies relations between a human and a pixy and the improper use of spiderwebs.
Word Count: 17,400



He had laughed, then. He’d actually laughed through his gag right into her surprised face. Fraise had been unable to stop himself. It was just too funny! He’d simply been incapable of imagining himself ever doing such a thing.
Well, her reaction to his spontaneous laughter had been immediate.
She’d flipped him back over onto his belly and lashed his arms behind his back. A flick and his alortha was removed, leaving him bare.
He had still been squirming a bit when a firm smack across the cheeks of his bottom made him stop cold. It had sent a spike of sensation straight through his core and made him gasp.
MeadowGold had drawn his gently twisting form across her lap. His naked body had nestled into her silk-covered thighs.
Another smack had landed above where his cheeks ended and his thighs began. He’d yelped, then all but purred as her hand gently stroked the affected area.
Then she’d done it again and his entire body had begun to buzz.
The contrasting sensations had played up and down his nerve paths.
Her fingertips had gently danced across the reddened skin making him jump and moan.
Was this meant to be his “punishment?” That had been his thought. It hadn’t felt like it…he’d been enjoying every second of it.
A pleasurable energy had seemed to rise up within him at the contrast and feel of what his captor had been doing to his defenseless body. The feeling was delicious. He shivered, tingling all over.
The Pix had found it impossible to stay quiet.
And she hadn’t been done with him. Each time the smack that connected with his strawberry-tinted flesh had been just a little stronger, had stung just a tiny bit more. But the escalation had each time increased his body’s sensitivity, had filled him with elation and delight…and made him crave more.
By the time the woman had finished with the sensual spanking he had felt nearly drunk from the build-up of sheer unadulterated pleasure.
Meadow had slowly rolled the excited boy from her lap. He had lain there cushioned on the tresses of his bright, red hair, struggling gently…just to feel the heady sensation of restraint.
In two swift motions, his captor had removed her garments and was back on the bed beside him, her beautiful, battle-honed frame wrapping around the bound form of her lover.
Her arms had been around him. Her hands had been tangled in his hair.
Did I hurt you?
She’d pressed her lips to his. Her mouth had been delicious…even through his gag.
If that was pain, my sweet captor, then please feel free to hurt me as often as you like.
Fraise’s inner voice had bubbled with mirth and amusement.
And MeadowGold’s hands had already been all over him, much to her bonded’s delight. A soft light, the color of roses, had surrounded them. It haloed them, growing stronger.
He could feel what Meadow felt as she pleasured them both…and that synaptic memory of pleasure had driven the intensity of the sensations she’d created in his bound form higher.
And then her hands, her mouth had trailed their way down his skin, making him shudder with tiny spasms as sensation had played its way across the matrix of his tender nerves

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