Away With the Fairies by S. A. Horn

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0399-0
  • Written by: S. A. Horn


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Tom is a strong and handsome young man with an extraordinary appetite for sex, to the extent that he and his boyfriend Peter cannot do a whole day's work without secret sexual adventures somewhere in the shop.

When Tom is kidnapped by the fairy folk to work as a sex instructor, it's up to Peter to rescue him, but all the fairy men are so beautiful, the sex is amazing, and Tom is having so much fun - will he want to be rescued? And what can Peter do to persuade him to come back before it's too late? Is love enough?

Loosely based on the myth of Thomas The Rhymer, this is a steamy, sex-fuelled yet romantic gay romp through Scottish folklore.



Tom looked down. Breen’s hair was blond now and beautifully soft despite its spiky appearance, and the way it curled round those little pointed ears was somehow incredibly sexy. He was struggling though to concentrate on anything but the sensation of Breen’s cold tongue on his nipple. Breen licked and flicked and bit gently, sucked, bit harder, licked again. Tom ran his hands through the soft hair and moaned his appreciation. He was aware of his own cock, tumescent and sensitive, and Breen was avoiding touching it as if aware it was already on a hair trigger.

Breen moved to the other nipple then started working his way down Tom’s muscular body, kissing and licking the shadow under the pectoral muscles, the ribs and the line of muscle below it. He nudged Tom’s cock to one side so he could probe the belly button with a clever tongue until Tom couldn’t take any more.  He pushed Breen’s pretty head into place and gasped when he felt the first touch on his cock.

“Suck it,” he said. Breen began to work the cock and Tom felt the build towards orgasm almost immediately. It wouldn’t be long.

Breen’s round bottom was now beside Tom’s shoulder and on impulse he pulled Breen’s leg over so that the pale buttocks were right in front of his face. He kissed one cheek, then the other and parted them with his hand, revealing a perfect, pink puckered hole and a smell like new mown grass.

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