The Christmas Fairy by Phillip Sweeny

  • ISBN: 9781609824242
  • Written by: Phillip Sweeny


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 For twenty years, Jason Bakker has blamed himself for his wife’s tragic death which occurred on Christmas Eve during a raging snowstorm. In despair, he has wandered aimlessly through life until some mysterious force calls him to Ireland. There he is drawn to an abandoned cottage with a haunting past of its own. Will the inhabitant of the cottage, a fairy banshee named Aislinn, seduce Jason or kill him? Will their encounter heal each of their wounds and give them a second chance at love?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex

Word Count: 27,854




“No, it is not,” I managed to say before tears clouded my eyes. I used to be able to control my emotions. My military training taught me those techniques. No one would ever see me cry. I never cried. However, times have changed. Now, I cry late at night, not only at my loss, but because of what I have become.

And you do not know the half of it, Clancy, my thoughts continued as I stared out of the window, trying to keep from looking into Clancy’s eyes. I reached for one of Clancy’s tissues to wipe away the tear, which had formed and trickled down my cheek. You don’t know what I became after I lost Marie. Nor do you know I’m only a shell of the man I used to be.

“Ah,” Clancy said quietly, watching me as I put my left hand on my forehead, covering my eyes in order to hide my emotions.

You do not know-. The memory hit me like an exploding mortar shell. You don’t know of the dreams which haunt me every night. You don’t know how Marie comes to me in my dreams and we fall in love all over again as soon as we make eye contact. You don’t know how I long to touch her and how I yearn to make love to her. You don’t know how she vanishes each time I reach for her, at the very moment I feel the warmth of her skin.

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