A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Peter and the Wolf by Selena Kitt

  • ISBN: 9781504500104
  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, Peter and the Wolf, Pete Hunter is a cop determined to punish the men who killed his father. But the Russian mob is a fierce adversary, and their roots in the community run deep. Even Pete’s long-time partner, Konstantin, who left the Demitrovic Bratva years ago to join the force, can’t seem to shake their hold on him. 

When the mob orders a hit on Konstantin, Pete not only has to protect his partner from the Russian mafia’s best hitman, The Wolf, he also finds himself falling for the woman they used as bait—Konstantin’s beautiful, young niece, Natalia. 

Pete and Natalia quickly discover they have far more in common than they realized—including the fact that they’re falling head over heels for each other. But there isn’t much time because The Wolf is at the door, and Pete Hunter may be the only one who can save them all.


Word Count: 23,398




Pete was awakened by a scream. He was off the couch and on his feet before he even knew what he was hearing. He ran to his bedroom, where Natalia was sleeping. Or, not sleeping. Not anymore.

She was having a nightmare. Worse than his, from the sound of it.

He eschewed the overhead light for the low lamp on the night table, turning it on. She was thrashing and moaning, mumbling something unintelligible. Pete took her by the shoulders, shaking her gently. He was afraid to wake her up—but afraid not to. Natalia opened her eyes with a gasp, looking up at him, unseeing.

Then, consciousness slowly seeped in. He watched it dawn over her features, saw her recognize him, where she was. Then she put her arms around him and kissed him.

His body’s reaction was instant, just as it had been in the parking lot. His cock was the least of it. It seemed as if she made his whole body stiff and hard and aching to bury himself inside of her, every part of him lost in her softness. Pete held her tight, kissing her back with incredible force, wondering if it would be too hard, too much for her, but she moaned and bit his lip and sucked at his tongue, begging him silently for more.

Reason disappeared and pure animal lust took over. Pete forgot who she was, who he was, at least in the scheme of social strata. He was no longer a cop, she no longer a witness. They were just Pete and Talia, hungry and desperate for each other as they rolled around together on his king-sized bed, pawing and licking and groping in the dimness. Talia was frantic for him, running her hands all over his body, seeming to delight in the slope of his shoulders, the hard planes of his chest. He hissed when she tweaked his nipples, her hand traveling quickly down to his boxers—he’d stripped down to them before he fell asleep on the couch—and she seemed delighted by what she found there, too.

He was thrilled by her touch, the way her little hand rubbed and groped him through the material and he stroked the roof of her mouth again and again with his tongue. Talia moaned and pressed his hand between her legs, giving him clear permission. She was wearing panties under his too-big grey t-shirt, but he didn’t have time for them, so he just pulled them aside, feeling her soft and wet and bare—shaved smooth. He moaned and pressed a finger inside.

“Wait,” she whispered, the first words she’d spoken since he entered the room.

Talia broke away from him and got off the bed.

“What?” Pete watched her, frowning.

There was a strange urgency in her manner, and he couldn’t imagine what it was about, unless he’d offended her somehow and she wanted to escape him. For a moment, he had visions of her throwing on her clothes and dashing into the night, never to be seen by him again. That thought left him cold.

Instead, Talia dashed to the wall where Pete’s tactical duty belt hung. She lifted it down and took the handcuffs out. Dropping the belt to the floor, she returned to give the cuffs to Pete. He took them, incredulous, as she stripped herself of his t-shirt. Seeing Talia naked for the first time took his breath away. She was pale perfection, her nipples pink, not dark like he’d imagined. Big and pink and hard as stones. Her breasts were ripe and heavy and they swayed gorgeously as she bent to remove her yellow cotton panties.

Then she faced him, completely naked, crossing her wrists in front of her, giving him a look of desperate desire—and fear. What was she afraid of? That he would cuff her and take her and use her? Or maybe—that he wouldn’t?

Pete knew what to do. He knew just what she wanted.

When he cuffed her, she moaned. When he threw her back on the bed, she cried out like a woman in the throes of pure pleasure. Talia squirmed, putting her confined wrists over her head. He thought he’d never seen anything so beautiful in all his life. She writhed helplessly as he stripped himself of his boxers and fell on top of her.

Pete rained kisses all over her perfectly round little face, ignoring her whimpers and the way she tried to capture his mouth with hers. He was in control her and he wanted her to know it. She strained her neck, tilting her head back to expose her throat, and Pete nuzzled and kissed there, too. She groaned and bucked, as if she was trying to escape, but it was deliciously hopeless, and she knew it. He felt it in the surrender of her hips under his. She thrust her breasts up at him in the struggle, and he couldn’t help but move his lips down there to take advantage of their helplessness.

He moved down, licking, kissing, biting, enjoying her. He wrapped his arms around her tightly as her naked belly twisted beneath him. Placing his open lips over her stomach, sucking just enough flesh into his mouth to nip it. She squealed and thrashed, and he heard his handcuffs rattling on her wrists.

He pressed his face more deeply into her torso, groaning, feeling her shudder as his lust reverberated through her. He raked his teeth gently over her flesh, then licked the places he’d nipped, as Talia rocked and rolled under his hands. She moaned and shuddered as if her little body was just unable to contain her own passion.

“Pete, please,” she whispered, although he could tell she didn’t even know what she was asking for. She wanted something, ached for it—and he did, too. They both had so much to let go of, and he wondered if that was what they were doing—acting it out together, forcing open the bars of the cage they’d both found themselves trapped in.

Pete moved himself up over her, grabbing her little shoulders—he couldn’t help rubbing and squeezing them, she felt so small in his hands—and he pressed his lips to hers. She opened to his kiss, to the probe of his tongue exploring the soft, wet recesses of her mouth, tasting her completely. When they parted, her handcuffed hands were around his neck, her body arched up against him.

“Talia,” he whispered, feeling it again, that same surge of sensation he’d experienced for the first time in the parking lot. “This is crazy, but…”

“I know.” She nodded, eyes searching his. “I feel it, too.”

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