Lilah Lustblade: Laid to Rest by Brandon Cross

  • ISBN: 9781504503754
  • Written by: Brandon Cross


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Slaying monsters, seducing knights…these are the callings of a Lustblade.
Lilah spent her early years in a distant wizard’s tower, but abandoned her life of seclusion for one of adventure. While other mages gather their power from quiet study and meditation, Lilah charges her magic with erotic energy. She doesn’t know how she gained these unique powers, but she won’t let that stop her from enjoying her unusual talents.
While traveling through the river lands of Havenshire, Lilah and her companions come across a fishing village on the brink of collapse. Every night, the spirit of a deceased villager haunts the river. With him come draugr, the drowned dead, who are drawn to the paranormal energies of the haunting. These monsters swarm into the village every night to claim another soul to join them in their fate. Lilah doesn’t have much experience dealing with the paranormal, but the dire circumstances demand that she learns, and fast. A foolhardy plan begins to take form, and Lilah must use all her talents of seduction to lay the restless spirit to rest before the village suffers another loss.


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