Sex Potion: Crazy Mind Control Summer (Vol. 1) ~ Veronica Sloan

  • Written by: Veronica Sloan


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Kevin is a shy virgin who will do anything to relieve his sexual frustration. When a magical potion falls into his hands, he gains the power to make women desire him beyond all reason. Now every hot woman in Kevin's life is throwing herself at him: His teacher, his best friend, even his girlfriend's mom! With his supercharged sex pheromones, Kevin's every sexual fantasy is about to be fulfilled!



I dropped the phone.

On the stairs, Tiffany's mother was still wearing her apron, but that was the only thing she was wearing. Her long legs had a fresh sheen to them, as if she'd just shaved, and they practically glowed in the golden sunlight.

Obviously I'd noticed Melanie's breasts before, but now, as she walked, they rocked, unhindered by her padded bra. The woman was in her forties and her big breasts drooped, but they were still ripe, the skin pale and soft. The swell of her generous hips was only too obvious as she traipsed into the kitchen as if nothing had changed. She sat down next to me at the kitchen counter.

Brit's voice floated up from the phone: "Kevin?"

Melanie's bare ass was perched on the stool. She smiled at me, as pleasantly as if I had just stopped by for a glass of lemonade and a chat, and folded her hands in her naked lap. My girlfriend's mother was, I could now confirm, a natural redhead. My eyes traveled up from her trimmed bush to her bare shoulders. Her neck and shoulders, I realized, looked just like Tiffany's. Her eyes studied me for a moment before she spoke. "Do you see anything you like?"


She leaned over, her naked breasts rolling forward until they were squashed against me. "I know why you're here, Kevin."

"I...I don't think you do-"

She looked up at me - into me - with her big, sparkling eyes. She put the back of her hand to my forehead. "You seem warm, honey. Are you okay?"

"I..." I swallowed and tried to regain a fraction of composure. "Mrs. Collins, I should probably go. I mean, I should go. I should definitely go. I'll just call Tiff and, um..." Melanie's hand slid down my temple and her fingertips played gently down my neck. I swallowed hard as her delicate hand roved lower, down my chest, down, down...

"Honey, can I ask you a personal question?"

"I'd rather you didn't, Mrs. Collins."

She pouted at me. She leaned in closer and slid her other hand into my lap. I sat rooted like a stone as her fingers began to slowly unfasten my belt.

"Do you and my daughter practice safe sex?"

"N-no! I mean, Melanie, we don't- That is- We would! But, we're not, I'm not-"

She giggled. It was so girlish. She pulled my belt wide open and smoothed her hands down my thighs. "Now, now, I know you two have fooled around. A mother knows." Her hand slid into my shorts. She grabbed the erection through the fabric of my boxers. "Mm, that's what I thought. I hope you treat my daughter gently with that big thing."

"Tell me, has she asked you for anal sex?"

"Um!" Her fingers closed around my naked cockhead and she pulled it out of my boxers. "No!" I said. "Melanie, we haven't even- I mean, I, uh...oh..." Melanie began to massage my cock. She leaned in, her breasts rolling against me, and caressed my balls.

"You like that?" she asked sweetly. "What a big, thick boy you are..." My heart pounded in my chest and I squirmed in the chair. Mrs. Collins licked her lips and looked up from her slow, steady work. "Kevin, you didn't answer my question. Have you taken my daughter's anal virginity?"

"No," I grunted.

She didn't seem to believe me. "That's a very special present, one a woman doesn't often give a man. But I know how young boys talk and I would hate for my daughter to be thought of as some kind of hussy."

"I haven't!"

"Will you?"


Melanie reached over the counter and grabbed the yellow bottle of vegetable oil. I watched, eyes wide as dinner plates, as she poured a generous pool of it into her palm, then wrapped her oily fingers around my cock. "Oh my God," I groaned.

Melanie poured the bottle over the head of my bulging cock. "I just want you to be honest with me, Kevin."

"I-I am."

"Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?" The golden oil trailed down my shaft, down to my soaking balls. Melanie continued to masturbate me slowly.

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