Sex Potion: Crazy Mind Control Summer (Vol. 3) ~ Veronica Sloan

  • Written by: Veronica Sloan


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It's all fun and games until someone loses their soul! In the next thrilling chapter of this erotic misadventure, Kevin discovers that he can still control women's minds - even without the sex potion! Unfortunately, this carnal power has its price. The mysterious creature that gave Kevin the potion now owns part of his soul, and is transforming the young man into a creature of unbridled lust. Can Kevin resist the temptation to seduce every woman in town, or will this crazy summer end with him enslaved to his throbbing desire?



Cassandra couldn't be doing this of her own free will, and yet the potion was gone! All that remained of that delicious elixir was a desperate horniness that put my prior lust to shame. I thrust my cock into Cassandra's mouth, and moaned as her saliva trickled down my balls. It fell from her lips in thick, dancing ropes when she finally pulled me out.

"Where have you been all summer?" the woman gasped. She grabbed my cock and stroked it with mad purpose. "I've been waiting for you, Kevin." Sticky fingers snapped open her blouse. The buttons pelted my chest, and her little tits swung free. She rose, and moaned as my teeth encircled one rosy areola. I filled my palm with the other pale breast, smaller than an apple but tantalizingly soft. "Didn't you want me?" she breathed into my neck.

My wet penis slid against her belly. "I wanted you so bad," I groaned. Her cum-smeared lips in my ear, her breath caressing my skin...

"Take me now," she demanded.

"But, but your fi--"

"But this," she said, and bent over the bed. Those adorable pink and white striped panties. She pulled them down her tight little ass and wiggled it for me. Her buttocks were so much smaller than Melanie's, her hips narrower than any girl I'd been with. If I mounted her, would I snap her petite pelvis? Would I destroy her tight little body?

I gazed at the pink lips of her vagina, swollen and smooth and trapped between her creamy thighs. "I...shouldn't," I breathed.

She gazed at me over her shoulder, violet eyes bright. "But you're hard."

My palm glided over her ass. "But..."

"But I need you inside me," she moaned.

I had no rebuttal. I grabbed her hair, I grabbed my cock, and pushed it inside her beautiful pussy. Tight muscle swallowed me up. Juices spilled down her thighs. She was incomprehensibly wet. Her vagina audibly squelched when I penetrated her. It was obscenely loud, and so was she.

I should have cared more about that. I should have restrained myself. But how could I? My English teacher was bent over this bed, her cotton panties twisted around her knees, wet pussy glistening and authoritative voice stripped of all authority. She begged me to do her. She demanded that I fuck her senseless.

My blood boiled inside me hotter than any potion. It screamed in my ears at my first, soaking thrust. Ms. Phillips coaxed me on with something like a junkie's sigh, like my cock was the demon drug she'd fought so hard to resist. My naked cock dove through her, and we grunted like animals. My hands wrapped around her petite hips and I rapidly fucked her again.

"Bad boy!" she moaned. "Naughty boy!"

I threw my head back to the ceiling and let out a guttural howl. There was no other way to express my relief. She was tight, hot, and dripping. My balls slapped her swollen pussy lips, smacked her clitoris, and she in turn arched her back to roll my dick inside her. "Take me!" she groaned. "Claim me!" I pulled her hair farther and farther back until she was staring at the ceiling and screaming her obscenities to the sky.

I don't know how many times I thrust, nor how close I came to busting my load, before the door flew open. Prior to that heart-stopping moment, I might have cum in a second. The sex was too raw, my need was too great. I hadn't even masturbated for fear of summoning the grotesque postman. My balls quivered like the epicenter of a gargantuan earthquake...

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