Only Angels by Giselle Renarde

  • ISBN: 9781609824143
  • Written by: Giselle Renarde


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When Helena follows her best friend Deb to a top-secret cougar club, she figures it’s just one more underground hook-up joint for older women and the hot young guys they crave. No surprise to find the place populated with golden chests and gorgeous faces. No surprise to meet a sweet and sympathetic virgin called Sandy. The surprise comes when he exposes his huge pair…of stunning white wings! The posh club is called Only Angels, and this is where Helena’s adventure begins.

Warnings: This title includes graphic language, anal sex, and multiple partners.

Word Count: 21,900




“Very cute,” Helena laughed, padding across the floor toward Sandy.  “So this is a fantasy club, is it?  Angel boys!  How precious.  Not what I’m into, particularly, but very, very cute.”

“You don’t like me?” Sandy asked like a sad little rabbit.  He turned to face her when they’d reached an empty booth with long curtains and the expression on his face turned positively hopeless. “I can get one of the other guys, if you’d prefer.”

“No, no, no,” she said, pulling him into the white velvet booth.  The seats curved around and met in the middle, but Sandy sat sullenly across the small round table from Helena.  She felt so sorry for the poor, confused boy.  “I meant the whole theme club scene isn’t generally my cup of tea.  Nothing to do with you, love.  In fact, I’d say you’re the exception that proves the rule.  I can see you’re a very special young man.”

A very special young man whose pants she wanted to get into.  No point coming to a club and not getting laid by strangers.  And if a man showed any kind of resistance, Helena could tell just by looking at him what kinds of compliments would do the trick.

“Thanks,” he replied, scratching at the velvet seat with short fingernails.  “That’s nice of you to say.  It’s hard to feel special in a meat market.”

His calm voice soothed her.  The place seemed much quieter from inside a booth, like they were floating on a cloud.

“I know what you mean,” she agreed.  “I did some modelling when I was younger.  It’s nearly impossible to feel like a whole person when everybody is judging you on looks alone.”

He nodded.  “You said it.”

Sandy might have said more, but a shirtless angel-waiter interrupted their conversation to ask, “Can I get you two anything to drink?  Anything to nibble?”

Helena offered the bronzed brunette a wink.  “I’ve got all I can stand to nibble on right here, but I’d love a vodka tonic.”

“Very good.  Sandy, how about I bring you a pot of ginseng tea and some angel food cake?  Looks like you’ll have to keep your energy up with this tiger.”

“Angel food!” Helena chuckled.  “That’s rich.”

“No, it’s very light,” Sandy said.  “I’ve tried it.”

She tried not to laugh at the boy’s sincere naiveté.  “I meant you guys really go all out with this angel theme.”

“Oh.”  His cheeks blushed again.

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