Nature Lovers by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781504501644
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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On the bus ride back from the Nature Lovers Club campout, Vinny’s nose is broken by Phil in this account of unrequited desire and rampant debauchery in rural Arkansas during the late nineteen fifties. Phil, the only child in a wealthy Protestant family, and Vinny, the unexpected fifth child in an Italian-American Roman Catholic blue-collar family, were the best of friends. They spent every moment after school riding their bikes, doing homework, or simply hanging out together. They enthusiastically joined the Nature Lovers Club at school, participating in meetings and weekend outings sponsored by the group. Why then−at the age of eighteen and in in their junior year of high school−did they brusquely shun each other and end up in a bloody confrontation? Something unconceivable in those times occurred in the bedroom during a sleepover at Vinny’s on the eve of a long-awaited camping trip with the school’s Nature Lovers Club that tore their friendship apart. 

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, and m/m sex.
Word Count: 10,000



We chatted in whispers for a while before drifting off to sleep. The evening was warm and we slept on top of our sleeping bags wearing only our underwear. In the middle of the night I woke to find Bobby had scooted close to me, snoring in my ear. I elbowed him only to discover, to my dismay, his hard peter snuggly confined between my cotton-covered butt cheeks. “Mmmm,” he murmured when I attempted to pull away and he draped an arm over me to hold me in place. When his hips lurched forward I no longer believed he was asleep. My suspicion was confirmed when he pulled me closer, thrusting his cock deeper into my ass crack. “Sshh! Don’t move. I’ll do all the work. Please just lay still so you don’t wake anyone else up.”

Trapped as I was by a fear of one of the other boys discovering I was being used for Bobby’s masturbatory fantasy I stopped struggling and remained immobile. “Oh! Yes!” Bobby hissed into my ear. “Nice ass.” He tightened his hold on me and moved his pelvis more stridently against my ass. I unmistakably felt his pecker get even harder. Then he squirmed a bit and I realized he’d freed his dick through the pouch of his tighty-whities and it was now protruding between the tops of my thighs. As if my situation weren’t dire enough, his fingers tweaked my nipples as his hot breath tickled the fine hairs on the nape of my neck.

Matters worsened when Johnny stirred. Hearing the sounds from where I was supposedly sleeping and seeing Bobby close behind me he realized something was going on. He moved closer for a better view in the dim light. “Oh!” he gasped when he spied Bobby’s cockhead sticking out from my thighs. He reached out to touch it and the back of his hand brushed against the growing bulge in my briefs. “Oh!” He gasped again. Johnny’s next move startled me. Instead of continuing to fondle the tip of Bobby’s wang, he pulled the elastic on my briefs down and under my balls, fully exposing my quickly swelling prick.

It was clear the duo had engaged in somewhat similar efforts in the past as, without hesitation, they efficiently managed to lower my briefs further, giving Bobby’s cock more access to my inner thighs while allowing his erection to batter my balls. Johnny simultaneously stroked my boner and his own rod. Although we strived to stay quiet in the small tent, our breathing became heavy and discovery was a real threat. Unable to verbalize opposition to what was happening−and to a great extent unwilling to stop the pleasure I was getting from Johnny’s hand−I yielded to their manipulations, squeezing my thighs more tightly together to hasten Bobby’s orgasm and reaching out to caress Johnny’s ball sack to heighten his stimulation and, hopefully, accelerate his release.

Shock overtook me when, upon feeling Bobby’s warm juices on my balls, I lost control and covered Johnny’s hand with my jizz. To my amazement, Johnny raised his hand to his mouth and slurped up the sticky white cream only stopping when his cock exploded in his other hand, some of the spunk splattered on my still rigid tool, which amused both of my friends. After quietly wiping ourselves with our briefs, we rummaged around for clean pairs, and then lay down for a well-earned night’s sleep.

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