Danny's Obsession by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781504501897
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Fun and sex−lots of sex−that’s all Jeff was looking for in the bathhouse the evening he encountered an attractive young Asian male with a beguiling fetish. Danny loved walking around in the bathhouse with a folded over towel tightly wrapped around his hips advertising his assets. He reveled in anything done to him involving his nether region−oral stimulation, sex toy play, exhibitionism, even a bit of bondage−mention it and he leaps onto the bed, sofa back, or sling at the proposition. Jeff, being a dominant top, relished fulfilling Danny’s fetishistic fantasies and proved inventive−to the Asian’s immense pleasure.
How such a one-sided view of sexuality leads to a more intimate, even romantic, relationship is the narrative of this raw and raunchy, yet sentimental story by Kenn Dahll−a gay erotic author known for his explicit stories as described in the following review by Erin Schmidt for Rainbow Reviews of an earlier Kenn Dahll anthology:
"Wanted: readers who love men. Who REALLY love men. Who love everything about them: their bodies, the way they walk, the words they use when no women are around ... did I mention their bodies?...The sex scenes are beyond scorching, leaving nothing to the imagination, and earthy as a freshly-tilled field."
Warnings: This story contains graphic language, sex toys, mild BDSM, and m/m sex.
Word Count: 7300



After fucking at the baths we exchanged contact information and planned a get together for Wednesday of the following week at his apartment, which turned out to be a few blocks from my office. He worked days and took classes at night so after work for a couple of hours was the perfect arrangement. When I showed up for the first rendezvous at his place he was freshly showered with a towel around his waist. He removed the towel then helped me out of my clothes before we hopped on his queen-sized bed. After hugging and kissing a while, I licked his neck, pits, tits and navel on my way to capturing his cock and balls in my mouth. By the time I reached his dick, it was rock hard. I sucked for a while then he pulled his cock from my mouth and had me lean against the headboard. The cute Asian boy went to town, licking and sucking on my cock and balls.
Suddenly, he swiveled around so his firm ass was pointing at my face. As Danny deep throated my cock, I played with his ass hole. I spread his buttocks apart with my fingers so I could see his tight pucker. Then I licked circles around it zeroing in on the center until my tongue was jabbing at his pucker. With a deep sigh, Danny loosened his sphincter and my tongue popped into his anal chute.
“Stick a finger in,” the twink demanded, wiggling his ass against my face. I poked one then, with some spittle, a second finger into his hole and moved them around in ever widening circles to loosen him up for my cock. “I gotta have it!” Danny yelled as he turned around and sat on my hard shaft, which he had managed to cover with a condom after sucking it. “Do you like seeing my ass perched on your cock head?” he asked as he held it there. “Watch it disappear into my hole.” He slowly applied more weight and slithered down my erect pole.
Reaching over to a dresser, the sexy teen grabbed a small magnifying mirror. He placed it between my thighs, angled so he could see where my cock breached his ass lips. “That is so hot!” Danny enthused. “I like watching your big cock going into my ass.” Then he rose up from my rod, exposing almost the full length before slamming himself back down with a stifled groan. As he repeatedly rode my cock, he watched the action in the mirror. After several minutes I needed to get myself off. I pushed Danny forward on his hand and knees and pounded his butt for several minutes until I exploded into the condom immediately after he shot his load on the bed. When I got up to take a shower I looked back at the bed, Danny was using the mirror to examine his stretched out ass hole. Until then, I hadn’t realized the extent of his anal fixation.

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