The Reluctant Alpha by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781504502467
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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The story starts in pre-Civil War New Orleans when Benjamin becomes aware something is going awry; his body constantly betrays him during the day, and at night his mind plays games inducing troublesome nightmares involving running through the wooded areas of his plantation home. A conversation with a ‘confirmed bachelor’ uncle, Adair, enlightens Benjamin about the mysteries of puberty, and more particularly, on being a shifter−a silver fox when not human−and dealing with sexual awakening and the complexities of bonding with an Omega−a situation the uncle explicitly compares to involuntary servitude. The kindness and perceptions of his uncle guide Benjamin through a disappointing relationship with a handsome gen de couleur libres and influences his decision to seek refuge in the mountainous west to explore his nature as a shifter as well as to understand his sexual desires.

Ben, as he becomes known, has a chance encounter with three trappers at the regional trading post. One of the trio is Caleb−a handsome young redhead with a slightly muscular physique, bronzed curls above his collar, and the suggestion of a beard−who attracts Ben’s attention. Before long Ben’s physical attraction to Caleb−who turns out to be a shifter, a red fox−conflicts with his moral aversion to binding. This reluctance to engage with Caleb emotionally, and thereby risk bonding, is severely tested when Caleb is attacked by several disreputable men who turn out to be wolf shifters, one of whom has his eyes on Caleb’s enticingly plump assets.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 15,000




In the interim an older sister married and I was moved to her larger suite on the second floor, overlooking the roof of the entrance portico. Using the tall window for access, I often spread a quilt on the flat outside space with its decorative railing sheltering me from view.

On one of those occasions, the sun’s warmth and my adolescent hormones took over and I imagined myself naked with one of the sons of our nearest neighbor, Thaddeus. Tad and I were the same age and attended the same church. Thus we were in Sunday School together for many years. He was always on the scrawny side, but recently I’d taken note of his more strapping physique. Still shy despite his handsome appearance, he was uncomfortable whenever one of the local young ladies directed her southern charm in his direction. To escape his female admirers, Tad frequently sought me out for a day of fishing on the river or horseback riding through the countryside. On the rooftop I envisioned stopping the horses in a secluded grove of trees, spreading a blanket on the grass, and getting naked with Tad. As I fantasized doing obscene things with my enticing neighbor, I unfastened my trousers, reached a hand into my undergarment, and fondled my engorging shaft. Eyes closed I stroked my erection using a glob of spittle to facilitate the movements of my palm. Shivers of pleasure began in my ball sack and were precariously close to bringing me to orgasm when I heard a low voice.

“Master Benjamin, it appears you could use a helping hand.” Startled I retracted my hand from my trousers and looked toward my room. There stood Martin LeBlanc, the Creole tailor Mother had engaged to make and install more masculine drapery in my room. Stepping over the sill, he went out to where I lay stupefied by his materializing out of thin air. Looking around to check if anyone could see him, he knelt on the edge of the quilt and leaned forward to grasp my hard member with a firm, warm hand. “Let me take care of your problem,” Martin whispered as he slid his palm up and down my rigidity. Only a few strokes were required before my body tensed up and my breathing stopped. He was experienced enough to know I was about to shoot my juices on my vest and shirt so he covered my erupting weapon with his ample lips to catch my manly discharge. Delirious I moaned a little loudly necessitating Martin to put a hand over my mouth. “Quiet or we’ll be discovered. Are you recovered enough to pull up your trousers and return to your room?”

“But… you… I… ” Reaching out I clamped a hand on the noticeable bulge in the coffee and cream colored tailor’s crotch.

“We can deal with that once I get you inside and we have some privacy.” Numbly I did as he suggested and went inside. “Now we can finish matters.” Martin removed his clothing until he was as exposed as a classical statue on a pedestal, and as beautiful. As I stared at his naked body with the granite-like curved column of flesh rising from his nest of curly black hairs, the color of Martin’s member, and the hirsute sack suspended at its base, surprised me for it was much darker than the rest of his skin. The tailor gently undressed me until we were both stark naked. Then he led me to my bed, pulled back the covers, and, holding me in his strong arms, fell onto the mattress.

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