Damien Snares The Cowboy by Edythe Baudin

  • ISBN: 9781504503716
  • Written by: Edythe Baudin


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Stridently bisexual, Chet−a tall, dark, handsome, and rebellious cowboy from Texas living in Northern Virginia−services a quartet of married swingers while using innuendo to exasperate a group of young male college students led by Logan, who seeks to preserve his macho image. Logan’s rejection of Chet’s proposals to engage in sexual activities with the cowboy as the dominant partner irks the Texan, who subsequently schemes to maintain his reputation as a sexual conqueror.

Enter Damien, a computer geek with a history as a male escort. When Chet moves on Damien they discover a shared background−Chet was ‘rough trade’ in a couple southern cities before taking a job at the Piedmont Valley Country Club. The pair hits it off and develop a relationship, despite Chet’s dalliances with the swingers and Logan. Damien’s willingness to further Chet’s scheme to engage Logan in sexual intimacies the student never thought he would consider, deepened the Texan’s feelings for the computer geek, leaving Chet wishing for something more meaningful.


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