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A titillating exploration of the different manifestations of sexual orientation, Bye-Bye, Bi introduces a pair of apartment mates, one gay−mousy blond French-Canadian Marcel−and one bi−tall, dark, and handsome East European Timur−and follows them as they learn about each other and challenge sexual stereotypes. The story includes a host of supporting characters: Charlene, a former coworker with Marcel, straight and attracted to Timur; Sean, another former coworker, bi but leans toward the gay terminus of the continuum, also attracted to Timur; Kimberly and Jennifer, a lesbian couple currently working with Marcel, his regular confidants.

Timur’s behavior as an amoral bisexual who wants to screw any hole he encounters annoys Marcel, as does his apartment mate’s continual flaunting of his perfect body in the apartment by lounging in his underwear while watching television and ostentatiously scratching his junk. Most irritating to Marcel is Timur’s constant bragging about his sexual exploits; yet Marcel admits to an undeniable fascination with Timur.

Sex becomes the catalyst for a succession of emotional upheavals in various combinations of genders, orientations, and number of participants. Marcel, however, is looking for more than meaningless flings, he wants romance−a relationship.



“Marcel, I asked you a question. How do you like your full-time position?”

“Sorry I got mentally sidetracked.” Marcel blushes reflecting his distraction is Sean’s attractiveness. “The job’s okay… I guess. Like you, I’m finding it boring to always report to the same place.”

“Does that explain the sad face I spied when I walked in?” Sean asks.

“Not completely. With a regular paycheck I’m able to afford a nice apartment, a two bedroom unit I planned on renting out the larger bedroom for more than half the monthly cost, thereby in effect making a little money as it’s cheaper than a one bedroom−even than some of the studios I checked into. But my ‘tenant’ is a real jerk. Timur’s adorable, but claims to be bi and constantly regales me with stories of the men and women he’s screwed around with, sometimes one after the other on the same day. Two weeks ago he brought a straight couple to the house for a three-way. Damn if he didn’t imply he’d fucked the guy in front of his girlfriend. He implicated the guy knowing I’m gay and would inevitably picture him fucking a man’s ass. Actually, he supposedly had both their asses.”

“Wow, sounds like a real bisexual Casanova,” Sean interjects.

“In between stories about his sexual conquests, he struts around the apartment half naked, bare chest and loose fitting boxers so everything flops around as he moves or, while watching the TV, when he scratches his junk in an obvious ploy to make me look at his crotch. One night, before we went out, he stripped off his soccer practice duds, making sure I saw everything as he stepped out of the jock strap and damn is he hung! The bastard even turned away from me and bent over so I could see his hairy bubble butt and the tiny pucker in his ass crack.”

“Sounds like nice eye-candy to have paying you to live there.”

“It would be if he wasn’t cock teasing me. To make matters worse, Timur−the fucking gorgeous, hyper sexed and well-endowed East European−suggested I vacate the apartment tonight as he’s invited Charlene over−you remember her from a couple of assignments? I’ve worked with her many times and we’ve become good friends. I’m the damn fool who introduced her to Timur in the first place. Knowing him, he’ll be true to form and fuck her then dump her like a hot potato. He thought it might embarrass her for me to see her going into his ‘den of iniquity.’ So now you have it, I’m fucking mad as hell!”

“You looked more depressed than angry,” Sean said. “Sounds like you’re jealous, and not of Timur.”

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