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Lust abounds and Vika Clay is caught between a rock and the embrace of two beautiful women. When her wife proposition for a threesome as an anniversary gift, she decides to make a bargain of her own — one night with the woman of her choice only she didn’t have any prospects.

From the beginning, Layla McDonald feared working alongside Vika would prove to be a big mistake and she was right. Her immediate attraction didn’t go unnoticed and their late night business meetings only intensified her burning desire which could lead them down a path neither was sure they’d be able to return.

J L Dillard’s spellbinding continuation to her Desire Series will chronicle the lives of three beautiful women with different desires in mind certain to leave you feeling the heat, feeling the love and feeling the desire.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 71,000




Layla McDonald hadn’t planned on working out after her interview, but after meeting Victoria she had so much nervous energy she needed to exhaust herself if she was going to get any sleep later that night. By the time she made it home, her stomach growled and her muscles ached. Her body had taken a beating and she was still on edge. Not wanting to ruin all her hard work, she made herself a green smoothie and soaked in a cold bath.

When she emerged from the tub an hour later, her body quivered and she didn’t fool herself into believing her workout was the only culprit. Thoughts of Victoria Clay hadn’t left her and come Monday morning she’d have to be on top of her game. She had issued the challenge and now she had to live up to the hype or be out of a job she really wanted.

She pulled on her robe and shuffled into the kitchen. Friday nights. It was the worse day of the week for her. And with good reason. Before her breakup with Kathryn she’d looked forward to Fridays. It marked the beginning of their uninterrupted forty-eight hour romance until she they were forced to rejoin reality on Monday morning.

Her cell phone rang and she glanced over at the illuminated screen. It was her brother, Elijah McDonald. “Hey, you. How’s it going on the west coast?”

“Business as usual.” He answered and sighed. It had been a long week for him and he was ready to get back home to New York. “How are you? Did you get the job? How’d the interview go?”

Layla laughed. All evening she’d tried to rid her conscious of Victoria and here came another reminder she was losing the battle. “I start Monday. It’s a probationary period.”

Probationary? Whose idea was that?”

“Yours,” Layla laughed.

“I’m not worried,” he said. “You’ll be a perfect compliment.”

Her brother was her biggest supporter, no matter the cause. He had been instrumental in her applying for the job and suggested the ‘one-week’ proposition in the event things hadn’t worked in her favor. Her opportunity to do something more with her free-time had been secured and now she was scared out of her mind. Victoria Clay wasn’t an ordinary magnate. Her name was listed on the Forbes list of female millionaires and climbing closer to the top every year. And then there was her personal life. She was married to well-known radio personality, Cadence Clay who topped the ratings with her own morning radio show. Which made all the desires she felt more damning.

“I’m glad you think so. I can’t fail, Elijah.”

“Stop your worrying,” Elijah encouraged, sensing his sister was wrought with fear. She wasn’t your normal, everyday run of the mill employee. His sister didn’t need to work thanks extenuating circumstances beyond her control. She was filthy rich and wouldn’t have to work a day in her life. Of course, it was all she wanted to do.

“I’m not worried.”

“Yeah, right,” he said. “What’s wrong, LaLa? What has you so afraid?”


“You’re lying.”

Layla sat on the sofa and rested her head on the pillows and stared at the ceiling. It was impossible to hide anything from him. No one on earth knew her better than her brother. Elijah McDonald, the perfect male specimen. Dark chocolate skin, muscled exterior from head to toe with hazel colored eyes and an infectious personality. It was no wonder women lined up for him.

“If I win this job permanently, I could come to regret it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you do.” Layla said dryly. It was the story of her life. The women she found attractive were always unavailable in some form or fashion.

Elijah didn’t need any more insight. His sister had a crush. If only she could find true love he wouldn’t worry so much. The last woman had driven her to the brink of jumping off the cliff and left her emotionally and mentally battered with scars he hoped one day would heal.

“On a scale from one to ten, how sexy?”

“Fifteen,” Layla confessed. She expected her and her Battery-Operated-Girlfriend would have a long night ahead of them.

“Dammit man.”

“Yeah. So you understand my plight?” His silence told her several things. Not wanting to discuss it further, Layla changed the subject. “Any cute girls in Sacramento?”

“I haven’t had a chance to find out,” Elijah groaned angrily. It had been at least two days since he’d last found himself between the legs of a beautiful woman. He couldn’t help himself. He needed release and solo-play was not his thing unless he was desperate and that hadn’t happened since his sophomore year in high school.

“You act like it would kill you to abstain.”

“Hell, it would. I’m not built like you, LaLa. I need it.”

As much as she hated to admit it, Elijah was right. She hadn’t had sex with a living, breathing woman in almost a year. Kathryn had been her last hurrah on the orgasm merry-go-round and she now craved the touch of a woman. Elijah had offered to hook her up with a few of his co-workers, but she’d declined. The last thing she wanted was a one-night stand with a woman her brother had found for her.

“I need it, too. Badly.”

After finishing her conversation with Elijah, she retired to her bedroom and turned on her record player. She had a great collection thanks in part to her father. When she was a kid, she always listened to music with him on Friday nights and now doing so made her feel close to him.

Layla lay back on the bed as the sound of The O’Jays filled her bedroom. She smiled, her thoughts drifting back to Victoria. The aching desire ravished her body, her conscious and took control of her. It was unbearable. Victoria’s come-hither smile, bedroom eyes and the way she smelled—there was nothing about their earlier meeting she’d forgotten. Needing to drown out the thumping of her heartbeat, she increased the volume of the music only to discover it fueled the runaway train driving her toward a solo atomic orgasm.

“Get over yourself, Layla. She’s married and if she were looking for a side-piece it wouldn’t be you.” She told herself in hopes of extinguishing the heated yearning certain to burn all night. Too late. Victoria Clay was laying claim to her and despite her objections, she was willing to travel the forbidden road.

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