Ambrogio’s Secret ~ Kenn Dahll

  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Violence, bloodshed, and sexual atrocities define Wallachian Governor Radu’s lengthy reign of terror throughout Eastern Europe and beyond to Anatolia in the days of the Ottoman Turks. The dire situation becomes worse once the seductive, preternaturally young-looking, Greek seer Ambrogio reappears in the Pasha’s palace. Seduced then abandoned by the seer, Radu travels to the far reaches of the Ottoman Empire to establish the seer’s safety in the midst of rebellion and violent attacks on villages, in which several young men are drained of their blood by a gang of villains under the leadership of a pair of mysterious savages dressed in high-collared military style uniforms with leather gauntlets ensuring little of their faces and hands are visible.


What Radu learns is terrifying, and his love for Ambrogio places the Ottoman Pasha in grave danger when he discovers the identity of the marauders. One lascivious male palace sex slave loses his life to Ambrogio’s foul designs and a battle between Radu and Ambrogio ensues, the ultimate victor remains for time to tell.

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