Mile High Club by Ken James

  • Written by: Ken James


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Five-way lust in the Mile-High City . . .

Charlie takes his friends Beverly and Kevin to Denver for a mile-high house party with wealthy swingers Alexia and Brady.

Alexia falls in instant lust with Beverly. Last time, Brady was shy with Charlie. Now, he's eager for more hot gay sex, especially with two randy studs to play with.

And there are things a woman can only do with two men . . .



"Time for some fucking." Beverly handed the squeeze bottle of lube to Brady, then kissed Kevin. "All right, stud. I want to see Brady stick his big stiff dick up your ass."


Kevin got down on his hands and knees. Brady smeared lube on his hard rod and pressed its head between Kevin's buttocks.


Beverly stood beside them, bent over with her hands on her knees. "Go on Brady. Fuck my boyfriend's ass."


Alexia pulled out, then pushed the strap-on's dildo back into Beverly's pussy. On the floor, Brady was slowly fucking Kevin's asshole.


Brady stopped with his cock all the way up Kevin's butt and looked up at Beverly and Alexia. "Like the show?"


"It's so hot!" Alexia bent down and kissed the back of Beverly's neck. "Two sexy men fucking. While I fuck Angel's pussy. And my cunt and asshole. All at once."


Beverly was breathing hard and pushing back against Alexia's increasingly rough thrusts.


"Close?" Alexia asked.


"Oh yeah!" Beverly gasped. "Ram that big pole up my pussy."


I'd been jacking off slowly while I watched Brady ram Kevin's ass. Alexia looked at me. "Go on. Fuck my husband's ass."


"All right." I picked up the little squeeze bottle and knelt behind Brady. He stopped with his cock buried deeply inside Kevin's butt.


Beverly and Alexia stared as I lubricated my stiff pole, then pressed it between Brady's buttocks. His ass muscles resisted briefly, then relaxed. My cock slid smoothly up his ass.


"Oh yeah!" Beverly said. "Let him have it."


I looked at her while stroking Brady's muscular shoulders. "He's gonna get it. Nice and rough. While he fucks your boyfriend."


Brady went back to fucking Kevin. I started slow, but quickly picked up the pace, slamming my cock up Brady's butt.


"Oh God!" Brady cried. "I'm getting close."


Beverly moaned as Alexia pounded her pussy. "I want to see you shoot."


Brady looked into Beverly's eyes, then back down to his plunging prick. "Okay."


Alexia and Beverly screamed together as Brady pulled out of Kevin's ass and sprayed a big thick load on his back and buttocks.


"Here I come." I yanked my dick out of Brady's ass and jacked off, coming after a few strokes.

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