Getting to First Base by Kenn Dahll

  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Frank is confused, frustrated, horny, and still a virgin at nineteen when he finally comes to the realization he’s gay. Now what to do about it? An excellent college baseball player Frank strikes out in the romance department, although he has an idol−material for his sexual fantasies−Cody, the strikingly handsome team captain.

Frank’s relationship with Cody is purely platonic until they’re both accepted to the same Major League farm team, and their college coach decides the young men should assist him during spring training to prepare the team for the fall season, which begins after Frank and Cody graduate and move on in their careers. The two young college athletes are alone in the locker room after assisting in a training session when Cody does something upsetting to Frank−the team captain takes care of a difficult condition in front of his teammate and friend. Frank’s reaction puts a freeze on their relationship. After three chilly weeks, Frank faces a dilemma, how to thaw the situation without embarrassing himself or ruining the relationship forever.

Author Kenn Dahll returns to his trademark gritty style−while keeping the romance intact−in the recounting of the two athletic young men’s evolving reactions to their sexuality.



The next afternoon, while the other farm hands were out in the field harvesting hay and bundling it into bales, Drake sidled up to me as we were loading other bales into the hayloft using a mechanical belt at a greater than a forty-five degree angle to the ground to reach the second level in the barn. Although we had each unfastened one shoulder strap on our coveralls and were not wearing undershirts, we were still sweating profusely. “Gee, kid, you could be a porn star with your body.” He let his arm drape over my shoulders, his hand reached my exposed left nipple, which he gently tweaked. From his blatant move, I suspected he had caught me spying on him. When he leaned closer and whispered into my ear I knew for sure, “Nobody else’s in the barn. Let’s fool around? It’s a lot more fun than watching−I figured it had to be you in the vent Saturday. You seemed to like my show; I spotted your dried slime when I checked out the utility closet the next morning. You did like what you saw?” He grabbed his crotch and pretended to shake his prick at me before walking into the barn and climbing a ladder to the hayloft. Fuck, he didn’t even look back to see if I followed, the arrogant prick!

“Suck it now!” His fingers went to the buttons on his crotch flap and swiftly loosened them, letting the denim panel hang limply, barely covering his prick; then he reached in and pulled out his semi-hard shaft. “On your knees you fucking busybody and open your mouth wide!” The farmhand unbuttoned the remaining shoulder strap and let his coveralls fall to his ankles. No underwear so his massive meat drooped down his thigh. How could I refuse? His tone implied he’d report me to my pa, and I was about to finally satisfy my curiosity with another man’s cock. Passively kneeling in front of the masculine hunk I opened wide and waited for my mouth to be stuffed with several inches of hard fat cock.

“Oh no, boy. You got’ta work for it. Lick my fucking dick. Taste the cheesy sauce under my foreskin.” I bathed his shaft with my tongue and prodded into the folds of his wrinkly, pungent foreskin. “Atta’ boy! Now suck on my balls. Take them into your pretty mouth and work them over.” I could only accommodate one at a time but managed to suck on his sweaty, hairy testicles. “Suck my cock. Take it all the way into your throat. Slide down on it until your lips reach the base and your fucking nose is buried in my short hairs!”

“I’ve never done this before. I don’t think I can take it all. It’s so long and thick.”

Ignoring my protestations, Drake took hold of my dark curls with one hand and grabbed my neck with the other, forcing my head into his crotch while choking me. “I said open wide. Do I have to get rough with you?” Realizing his threat was serious; I opened my mouth and accepted the first couple of inches of his tool. He released my neck when my lips were stretched and I started to gag. Drake relented and pulled back from tugging my hair so I could recover. “Concentrate on ignoring the retching and open your throat.” He slowly pushed his rigid dick deeper until, after a couple of attempts, I conquered my urge to upchuck and felt the tip pass my gag reflex point. Its girth filled my esophagus and I was unable to breathe and thrashed around. “Breathe through your nose asshole,” Drake snarled and pulled my head closer to his pelvis, ramming another inch or so of his cock down my throat.

Finally, there was no more shaft to force into my throat. Drake, still using his hands to control my head, pulled back a little then thrust in to the hilt. The friction obviously felt good as he moaned loudly and I felt his cock twitch and dribble precum down my throat. “Oh yeah, Frankie baby! Your mouth with them thar’ lips fit for a whore, sure feels good on my cock. Suck your cheeks in and tighten up on it. Fuck yes! Watch the teeth, boy. You’re a born cock sucker.” By then he was pulling further out and ramming back in more forcefully, again using my hair and throat for leverage.

My prick began to react, bunching up in my jockeys as it tried to swell up, so I reached down to adjust it. “You getting hard, boy?” Drake’s voice was ominous and I dropped my hands. “Oh no, take it out and frig it. You don’t think I’m going to take your puny dick into my mouth, do you?” My hopes for reciprocity dashed, I dug my half-hard shaft out and stroked it. Drake’s passion was contagious and soon I was on the verge of busting a nut when he let out a deep growl and I knew from the tremors in his body he was firing off deep in my gullet. That knowledge set me off and I dumped the largest load of my nearly twenty years onto the hayloft planks.

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