Bi-Trick by Ken James

  • Written by: Ken James


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She wants to see her husband with another man . . .


It's business as usual when wealthy Brady picks Charlie up, but there's a surprise. Alexia is waiting at the hotel. She's Brady's sexy wife and wants to see him with another man . . . Charlie.


At first, Brady is shy, but he quickly gets down and dirty with Charlie. Then, Alexia joins in. Charlie prefers men, but he can't resist a hot three-way romp.


And that's just the beginning . . .



Alexia pointed at Brady, standing a few feet away with an immense hard-on. "I want you to fuck his butt."


"Okay." I turned to Brady. "You ready?"


He looked from my rigid pole to Alexia and back. "Just take it easy. Okay?" Without waiting for an answer, he turned away and sank to his knees with his elbows on the chaise longue.


"All right." I coated my finger with lube and pressed it into Brady's little puckered hole. His cock jerked as my finger slid smoothly up his ass. "You like that?"


"I sure like it." Alexia stood beside Brady with her legs spread, running a slow finger up and down her slit. "How about you, Lover?" She bent down and gripped his cock. "Do you like it?"


"It's okay," he answered.


"Just okay?" she asked. "You sure like fucking my ass."


"Well . . . That's different."


She laughed and slapped his butt playfully. "Don't worry, Lover. It'll be as good for you as it is for me." She turned to me. "Come on, Charlie. I want to see you ream my husband's ass."


"Oh, he's gonna get it." I pulled my finger out of Brady's asshole, added more lube, and slid it back in, twisting my wrist as I moved my finger in and out to distribute the slick gel evenly.


"Fuck!" Brady gasped. He jacked his stiff cock while I fingered his ass. Before long, he was groaning and pushing back against my thrusting finger.


Alexia moved behind me, flattening her heavy tits against my back. "You guys are so hot," she whispered. "Got my pussy so wet." She reached around my body and gripped my stiff cock, stroking its shaft and pinching its head between her thumb and index finger. "You're so fuckin' hard. Put this up his ass. Now!"


I pulled my finger out of Brady's butt and Alexia guided my cock-head into his little puckered hole.

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