Among the Smoldering Embers by Seth Stevens

  • Written by: Seth Stevens


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Adam is a cynical young adult, living in the grimy streets of the inner city trying to overcome the demons of the past by cruising for his next sexual fix.


After an unexpected and unfortunate financial crisis occurs, he contemplates his choices to earn enough money to support himself, pay the bills and keep up the full-time student life-style he is so used to.


But how far will Adam go to keep his life running unhinged and uninterrupted?  Enter Theo, just as his tumultuous thoughts push him to escort for a living. The pair strike a romantic connection that soon brews into a steamy affair.


But Adam doubts the romance can last, especially since bashful Theo is kept unaware of his “night job” and it is doubtful that Theo will accept his current exploits once the truth is brought to light.


Adding to the stress is the arrival of an old flame that makes him wonder whether he is capable of maintaining a life that adheres to societal norms. As he flies through his messy life, he tries maintaining his romance with Theo while keeping his other activities a secret. But can he really cope with the devil of the past on his back or will he spiral out of control to a destructive end that leaves him grasping for love?



It was late evening. The curtains were drawn tightly shut in the pampered main bedroom. The bear had dimmed the lights to a soft, orange glow so that our shadows flickered boldly on the coloured walls.

The mood was not romantic.

He sat, legs wide open on the edge of the spacious bed, jeans button popped open and inviting me to play amongst his giant thighs. I could see the outline of his already swollen fat cock bulging through his white underwear—hungrily jerking up and down in excitement, drawing me closer.

His broad torso was shirtless, exposing a hairy chest. Bulging ripped abdominals. Tanned Caucasian skin. German descent? Who the fuck cares. Tonight I was going to be serviced.

        The heat rose to my face and my own cock twitched ravenously in my tight jocks (which were all I wore) as I walked leisurely toward the bed. I wanted him to want me. I wanted him to crave my flesh.

As soon as I was in arm’s length I stopped. Our eyes locked, each daring the other to make the next move and commence the pleasure. It’s what I came here for; a “no strings attached”, raw and rough fuck. If you can’t handle that, stop reading because everything is about to get rough.

If you publicly disapprove of pleasing our natural sexual urges, fuck me. I dare you. You probably have the most twisted fantasies yourself.

The bear got a little impatient. He roughly slipped both hands into my underwear and felt his way to my behind. He grabbed my firm and supple butt cheeks, one in each hand, squeezing them as his fingers pulled apart my crack, paving the way to my waiting hole.

With a grunt, hands still tightly clenched on my ass, he pulled me in.

I climbed on him and sat on his lap. His arms slid up my back—one holding me tightly against his massive chest; the other pulling me closer by the neck for a deep kiss.

Once our lips locked his tongue greedily forced into my mouth. He took over and I complied. It felt good as our tongues danced erotically against each other. His lips were carnally sucking mine, roughly searching every part, gleaning from them every drop of lustful pleasure.

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