Chorus Master by Kenn Dahll

  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Conceited, narcissistic, manipulative, exploitative, arrogant−take your pick of the best adjectives to describe hyper sexed, bisexual Cam, the Seaside Singer’s founder and Chorus Master, as he admires his near perfect physique while soaping up in the shower before dressing to conduct a rehearsal for the chorus’ holiday concert. Dressing in a seductive outfit, Cam reflects on the sexual proclivities and failings of the singers, singling out a strikingly handsome Russian base, Peter, as his target for the evening. After failing to seduce any of the choristers at a bar many in the group went to for drinks following the rehearsal, Cam returned home for a melancholy soak in a hot tub. A sensual reminiscence about a three-way with an Italian tenor and his wife in the hot tub lead Cam into melancholic wonderings about his recent failures to seduce choristers.


The Chorus Master is equally unsuccessful after several subsequent rehearsals. Focused on his inexplicable−to the narcissist−sexual frustration, he was unaware of increasing dissension in the singers’ ranks due to his abhorrent behavior. Ultimately, Peter takes Cam aside and details the issues threatening to destroy the chorus or result in a coup ousting Cam as the group’s leader. Only if Cam behaves professionally, Peter tells the Chorus Master, can the situation be turned around. Cam’s fate and that of the Seaside Swingers depend on his behavior at the two rehearsals before the concert and the audience’s reaction to the holiday program.



“Well I think sex is great recreation and loads of fun−pardon the pun. Let’s get completely naked and jump in bed. Condoms and lube are in both end tables. How about a little cock sucking to get things started?” Cam held out his long hard dick for Tom to take into his mouth. After several minutes, Cam moved so he could reach Tom’s tool and a sixty-niner ensued. Cam did his best to demonstrate to Tom the finer points of cock sucking, but soon gave up and fingered Tom’s hole.

“Hands off my ass,” Tom grumbled. “At least until I can play with yours.” Cam picked up on that and scrambled to his hands and knees, his ass aimed at Tom.

“Pretend it’s Mary’s pussy and tongue my butthole.” Tom obliged and soon Cam was hollering, “Yeah! Slurp my butt crack. Lick it up and down. Now stick your tongue in my hole. Yes! Way to go Tommy boy.”

“Do me. I want to see how it feels, please.” Tom begged and assumed Cam’s pose.

“Okay, move closer to the edge of the bed so I can get at it more easily.” Cam wanted to be in position to stand and fuck Tom before the married man realized what was happening. Cam ate out Tom’s ass for at least ten minutes, making sure it was saturated with saliva. He abruptly stood, grabbed a convenient condom, spread some lube on his erection and Tom’s hole then rammed through the sexy baritone’s sphincter.

“Ow!” Tom screamed. “I didn’t say you could fuck me.”

“I didn’t ask. If you’re going to be sucking cock and rimming asses you can expect to get fucked. Now hold still and let the pain diminish before I transport you to sexual paradise.” Unable to dislodge Cam’s tool from his ass, Tom remained motionless until his sphincter relaxed and his hole felt comfortably expanded.

“Okay,” Tom mumbled. “You can go deeper, but you have to stop when I tell you.”

Cam committed to nothing, humping his hips forward to thrust half the remainder of his almost eight inches into Tom’s rectum. Tom flinched but didn’t cry out, so Cam drove his weapon in to the hilt. “Damn! Take it easy on my hole,” Tom complained but didn’t ask Cam to pull out−and Cam didn’t. Instead he shoved Tom forward onto the mattress, following him down with his cock still embedded in Tom’s ass.

“Squeeze your butt cheeks,” Tom insisted. “Are you sure you were virgin? Your hole is pretty loose.” Cam interpreted the singer’s lack of response to mean it was not Tom’s first time getting fucked. “You’re bisexual, aren’t you?” Cam thrust in and out of Tom’s ass as he questioned the baritone’s sexuality. “Yeah! Keep your cheeks clenched, makes it tighter. Does Mary know? Shit, keep’em squeezed together.”

“I’m not really bi, but I’ve experimented a few times. Ow! And no, Mary doesn’t know about my experiments.”

“Maybe we should have a threesome with her. I bet she’d love to watch her philandering husband get fucked. She and I would enter the room and find you naked and tied spread-eagled on the bed wearing a metal cock ring with an attached steel sphere up your ass. We’d undress each other and perform oral sex while you watched. Once I got her juices flowing, I’d put on a condom, bend her over the edge of the bed so she’d get a good view of the device around your dick and up your hole, then I’d fuck her brains out. Seeing her in heat would get your tool hard, but the ring around its base would prevent shooting. When I came, I’d pull out, tear off the latex and dump the rest of my load on your face. Then Mary and I would leave the room, laughing at your rigid rod pointing at the ceiling but unable to find release.”

Tom’s shaft remained erect throughout the depiction of Cam’s sadistic desires. “Fuck, my threat got you even more randy for a fucking!” Grabbing Tom’s shoulder for leverage, Cam pulled himself deeper into the baritone’s innards, grunting with each thrust. “Fuck, keep it tight. I’m getting close. Ah! Yes. Fuck! I’m blowing my wad into your guts!” As Cam screamed, he filled the condom deep in Tom’s ass with a load of cum before collapsing on his back.”

“Hey, what about me? I need to come.” Tom complained.

“Jerk off a load,” Cam told him as he rolled Tom and himself onto the side so Tom could reach his own tool, and keeping Cam’s still mostly hard weapon sheathed the chorister’s butt.

“Hell, ain’t you going to at least give me a hand. And your dick up my ass is distracting me.”

“Tough shit. Wank one off or get up and leave. It’s the same to me.”

“You’re a fucking asshole!” Nevertheless, Tom grabbed his pole and worked out a load. When he came, Cam’s dick felt the contraction in Tom’s rectum, so, leaving it in place, he rotated Tom’s body onto his back, raised Tom’s legs, and savored the sensations from the convulsing rectum on his cock.

“I should replace the condom with a fresh one and go another round, but it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow” Cam slapped Tom’s raised ass. “Get up, get dressed, and get out. I’ll see you at next week’s rehearsal. Maybe you could broach the subject of a three-way with Mary in the meantime?”

“You are a despicable bastard!” Tom huffed as he dressed and left.

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