Working for the Railroad by Kenn Dahll

  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Nico, a young Italian lad, endured a difficult childhood in New York City’s violent Five Points predominantly Irish neighborhood, but the rough environs didn’t stop him and his friend Joe from playing kick the can on Mulberry Street. In the aftermath of the first newspaper boys’ riot a turning point in Nico’s life occurred−he met Sean, ringleader of the protestors, and Nico’s idol. The remarriage of Nico’s Mama to a drunken brute with two sons was bad enough, but when his Mama died from her husband’s beating, Nico ran away from home, riding the rails to Chicago, enduring physical harassment along the way.

Chicago proved incongruous: ruffians, sexual predators, and unfair policeman on one hand; a compassionate judge, understanding bosses, and friendly coworkers on the other. Nico successfully navigated the streets, boarding house bullies, and the docks. During his travails he made friends−John a coworker with whom he shared a bed, Ezra, the son of freed slaves, and pesky Pete, his second roommate after John is viciously attacked on the dock. Soon he’s back on the train, this time riding First Class due to an agreement between two railroads to transfer the experienced office clerk to Las Vegas, New Mexico.

In Las Vegas, an older Nico learns the joys and sorrows of relationships, but living in a mansion with his boss, a ruggedly handsome Scotsman, makes it all seem worthwhile until he’s betrayed by his lover. Nico struggles to overcome depression, but attempts at new relationships falter as he’s distrustful and fearful of being hurt again. Nico hoped his epic search for love ended when he buys a carriage to show off his latest promotion at the railroad and he hires a sexy carriage driver with a secret that would dramatically change Nico’s life.



“Ow! That hurts,” I exclaimed when he inserted his thumb through my sphincter.

“I’ve got to stretch your hole for my cock.” He wiggled his hand, causing his thumb to intrude more deeply until he again pressed the hidden gland, driving me into a turmoil of precum splatters over the bed covers and my abdomen as my erection flapped about. I felt the invader leave my hole to be replaced by a pair of fingers, longer than the thumb they reached beyond the gland, massaging it as they went by. Sweat poured from my forehead as the strain on my backside continued. A drawer was opened and Keith retrieved a jar of hair pomade which he applied to his fingers before adding a third digit into the tightness of my anus.

Keith then smeared the gel over his rigid tool, lay on his back, and held his greasy shaft upright. “Straddle my hips so your ass hovers above the tip of my cock,” he instructed. “Now bend your knees and squat so my cock knocks on your back door.” Not sure precisely what was going to transpire, I complied, my legs shaky as I let my ass move downward until I felt a hardness pressing against my clenched sphincter. It had clamped shut once Keith removed his fingers and was adamantly refusing to open up for his thick weapon. “Take a deep breath and relax your body. Push out like you’re emptying your bowels and open your hole, then let your weight carry you down my slippery pole. It will sting, but the pain will quickly fade away and pleasure will take over.”

“Ow! No, it hurts too much!” I screamed when my sphincter was breached.” Keith held my hips so I couldn’t rise up and relieve the agony in my hole.

“Be still. Breathe deeply. Don’t move. I’ll hold you from descending further until you’re ready.” Keith tried his best to soothe my anxiety, but it was clear the railroad executive’s need for sexual satisfaction made the effort difficult.

“Okay,” my breath was coming in puffs as I remained motionless atop Keith’s shaft. After another couple of minutes, I told Keith to “let go of me and see if I can handle more of your massive member.” My eyes widened in surprise as I bent forward to accommodate the slight curvature then pushed back to slide down a few inches without a reoccurrence of the sharp pain. Suddenly I yelled for Keith to hold me steady again. Extra girth above the center of Keith’s cock was stretching my hole wider than the first third of the shaft had. “I cannot believe your tool got fatter. I had not noticed the extra width in my mouth.”

“It’s alright, others have commented on the thickness of a portion of my cock. Interestingly, the thickness and the bend allow it to remain firmly implanted regardless of the ferocity of our fucking. Let me know when you’re ready to commence, the remainder of my weapon enters more easily as it tapers down.”

His comment did little to relieve my concern, nevertheless, I wanted to please him as he had treated me well at the railroad office and I found him quite appealing in a virile manner, so I signaled my readiness to resume and soon found my buttocks crushing the thatch of bronze pubic hairs surrounding the base of his firm pillar. “Aahh!” I sighed, pleased I accommodated its totality. Instinct took over and I straightened my knees a little and raised my ass until I felt the thick portion of his shaft pressing against the inside of my hole, whereupon, I folded my legs and sank back onto his crotch.

“Yes!” He shouted. “Ride my cock! Take all the pleasure you can from my hard shaft. Yes! Fuck yourself on my cock.” I saw intense pleasure on his face as I repeatedly rose and descended on his rigidity. His hands relentlessly explored my naked body, roaming through my chest hairs, not as thick as his scarlet carpet but not negligible. A hand would unpredictably rest on one of my nipples and tweak it, causing me to inhale sharply from the sensual delight. Another palm sought out my rapidly swelling shaft and, using my copious precum, rubbed up and down to further stimulate my balls. Soon the orbs tingled and I knew the end was again imminent. I wanted him to reach nirvana with me, so I sped up my movements and, reaching out, ran my hands through the lush fur on his chest and tweaked a nipple. The twitch I detected deep inside my innards told me he liked it and I repeatedly pinched and twisted the firm nubs. Sweat poured from my face onto his chest, matting the red fur. My hole seemed to be on fire as my speed increased. I managed to pull almost entirely off his pole, getting the greatest thrills as I rapidly engulfed the thicker part on my down strokes.

“Damn! Fuck! Nobody has ever ridden my thick shaft so thoroughly! Damn good! Yes! Faster! Fuck! Fuck! Damn I’m blowing my juices inside your hot asshole.” His body, already flushed with passion, was a furnace as he panted from the orgasmic release. Enthralled by his reaction, I blasted my man cream to join the sweat on his torso. Trying to restrain laughter when a squirt struck his mouth.

It was several minutes before I regained sufficient composure to dismount from Keith’s shaft only to be pulled onto him as he hugged me tightly to his chest. Rolling onto our sides, embracing, we fell asleep. In the morning I was glued to Keith, both his lush and my sparser chest hairs were stuck together with dried discharge. He heard me stifle a giggle and placed his moth in mine for a tongue encompassing kiss. Keith took advantage of the fact it was a bank holiday and we didn’t have to report to the railroad office. After we pulled apart he tossed the bedclothes from the mattress and gently turned me over so my butt was pressed against his groin where a definite rigidity lurked. For what seemed an eternity, his shaft entered me then he rocked his hips, until his weapon was fully sheathed.

Once docked, Keith increased the intensity of his motions, holding my torso tight against his chest he pinned my arms, preventing me from stroking my straining shaft. The heat from his body caused me to break into a sweat. We both huffed and puffed as he took his pleasure from my hole. Thankfully, he let one arm drop so he could grasp my cock and pummel it in his fist in time with his thrust into my gut. Our breathing synchronized as our bodies sought release. “Great ass!” Keith whispered into my ear before nibbling its lobe. “I could fuck your ass all day. Maybe I will.” Unable to form a coherent reply, I merely grunted and pushed against his hips, hoping to secure another portion of his rigidity in my ass. Unable to forestall our balls’ need for release any longer, we experienced mutual majestic orgasms. After bathing together, dressing, and obtaining food, we retired to the bedroom for another round of rapturous sex.

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