Fantasies of a Bisexual Husband by Seth Stevens

  • Written by: Seth Stevens


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Greg yearns to explore the seedy local bathhouse; Stanley lusts for his young, musical prodigy student; Trevor is desperate to hook up with a young twink he has been chatting to online; an office manager seeks sensual release in the arms of his employee, and Steve experiences what it is like to harbor romantic feelings for his best friend as we delve into the deep inner romantic and sexy sanctum of a bisexual husband’s mind with these six unique tales that will leave you breathless. All of these men love their wives, but can they ignore their desperate thirst for another man? Can they ignore the romantic feelings they develop for their male friends? Most of all, can they push aside the sensual fantasies they construct within their minds daily.



I love my wife. I truly, and utterly, do. I love her unconditionally one might say. It was never only about the explosive sex or the whirlwind romance that swept us up during the infantile stages of our relationship. Hell, it was never even the "butterfly in the pit of my stomach" obsessed younger self that drove me to put a ring on her gorgeous finger and devote my life to the hardships of marriage.

No. I knew from the start that she was the one; the person I wanted to spend my life with; that singular person out of millions who brightens my day and with whom I could share deep truths.

She is my soulmate, and I lay naked before her in body and spirit—a constant ebb and flow of marital sharing. You see, our marriage is a therapy. It keeps me whole and keeps her sane.

However, there is one facet of my being that holds truer than the scorching heat of the sun. It burns within me. I have tried many times to put out this fire from a very young age, but it rages on, consuming my parts in its malign desire. Try as I may to bury it, it is there, and it is me. Yes, I share my body with my wife, I share my soul, but for this very searing reason I do not share my mind.

What is this dark and terrible thought that lay buried in the dungeons of my psyche? I am a bisexual male and I have known it since the first moment desire pierced my lustful groin at the onset of puberty.

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