Love and Rockets by Gavin Atlas

  • ISBN: 9781609824587
  • Written by: Gavin Atlas


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 Toby is a young, insecure college counselor by day and a sex slave by night. When he meets Leo, the massively built and gorgeous guardian of his new student client, the mutual attraction is strong. Even though sexually they are a match made in heaven, Leo is frustrated with Toby’s refusal to promise Leo they can get his nephew into Princeton. But there’s a bigger problem: Can Leo rescue Toby from his cruel, unloving master, Mike, and claim Toby for himself?

Warnings: This title includes graphic language, m/m sex, bondage and wax play. (Note: This story previously appeared in the anthology Stuck On You)

Word Count: 7,400



Seriously Reviewed, 17/20 Score!

"Memorable characters, thick sexual tension, and plenty of conflict …The relationship aspect of the story I loved…Leo is a really man’s man and Toby, at the heart of who he is, is a pleaser.  [One] scene will steal your breath and make you ache.  Mr. Atlas is a great writer with an easy style. The story pushes buttons…an entertaining read."



I had a hard-on all the way home, and as soon as we were both through my front door, Leo undid my belt, unzipped my fly, and slid my pants and underwear off my hips. I barely had time to put down my briefcase and jacket before he’d bent me over the arm of my couch.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, pretending to grind into me. “Your ass is even more amazing than I anticipated.”

He gently but firmly grabbed me by the waist and slid me off the couch’s arm. In a flash, he had me on the floor with my legs in the air. He fervently unbuttoned my work shirt and loosened my tie with his teeth.

“Your body is so smooth and muscular. I have to touch you everywhere.” He kissed me on the lips. It was an exciting and almost unfamiliar sensation. Mike hadn’t kissed me ever. Leo was indeed touching me all over, but more and more his hands lingered on my ass and cock.

“Your master really owns you, doesn’t he, boy? You’re completely shaved and smooth down here. He must love fucking you.”

“Yes, sir, but if you’re going to love fucking me, you need to let me up long enough to get to my bedroom where the condoms are.”

“No I don’t because I’ll carry you.”

He lifted me with one hand and threw me over his shoulder like a caveman’s mate. The feeling of helplessness thrilled me and made my head light, almost dizzy.

“Easy, big fella,” I said. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Not a chance,” he said, caressing my back with his free hand. “Whoa.” He got his first glimpse of my bedroom. “Handcuffs, ball gag, lengths of chain. I guess those two metal poles on either side of your mattress are so a guy can tie your legs in the air until you’ve saved up enough for a four-poster bed?”

I laughed as he set me down on my mattress. “Of course if he ties me up that whole time, I’ll never get to work and never get that bed.”

“But then he never has to stop fucking you.”

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