Sin Alley: Cray's Den by Parker Ford

  • ISBN: 9781609827076
  • Written by: Parker Ford


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What happens when a straight man wants dick—but for just one night? When he wants to lift a frilly skirt to find fine hosiery and silken panties and…a cock. Just for him. Benny wants a hard man in a pretty outfit to fulfill his biggest fantasy for one night. That means…a trip to Sin Alley.

Warnings: This title contains m/m sex, anal sex, transsexual, sex for pay, oral sex and explicit content.
Word Count: 9,242




Someone called out, “Howdy, big guy. Come see what I have…”

Benny smiled nervously and just kept going. He passed a man on a stool with a whip coiled at the waistband of his jeans. He looked almost bored but patient beyond belief. Benny wondered what it was like at the end of that whip. What it was like to be under the control of the calm man on the stool.

The guy caught him looking, tipped him a nod and said, “Chief.” It was clear from his demeanor he did not think Benny had come to take advantage of his skills.

He was just getting nervous, giving up some of his hope, worrying that maybe she’d already have a visitor, when he heard a raspy, dark voice say, “Now what do we have here?”

Benny turned to take her in and his chest thudded almost painfully hard from his rapid heartbeat. The woman was tall and tan. She wore a jet black wig and her eyes were a surreal blue. Benny didn’t know if it was the neon in the alley or if she wore contacts. All he knew was her gaze struck him as surreal—almost magical.

“Hi,” he said, trying to sound normal but sounding rather stunned.

“Looking for something?” she asked. She tilted her head down, shoulder up, cocked a hip, posing for him playfully. Her dress was a pale color—he couldn’t quite tell what shade—with a small flower print. Something you’d see on a farm girl. A black bra strap peeked out from the bodice as if she’d thrown on the dress casually. On her feet were black flats and an ankle bracelet.

The entire ensemble just screamed innocence! Benny wondered how long it had taken her to perfect this look. He didn’t care. It was perfect. He imagined pale yellow panties beneath the full skirt of her dress.

“I am.” Benny’s voice had recovered—a bit.

“Oh yeah? What?” She put her hands on her hips and waited, licking her full lower lip with an inviting pink tongue.

Benny heard the deep rumble of the words until she corrected them. She almost had the voice down pat, almost. Benny was glad she didn’t. It was the giveaway that got him off. The flag that flapped and waived at him that promised cock. For one night. The culmination of a fantasy.

“You,” Benny said.

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