Love The Sinner by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609827557
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Two young men, Brad and DeWayne, are justifiably proud of their basketball scholarships to Southern Christian University and find the stultifying comportment standards on campus suit their strict upbringing.  A late-night misunderstanding causes the coach to encourage the interracial pair−one black, one white−to “kiss and make up.”  Although not intended literally, the youths are obliged to get to know each other better, discovering more similarities than differences.  Inevitably, they become good friends, more than that; each is torn between his strict religious upbringing and disconcerting feelings aroused when around the other athlete.  When the team wins the conference championship, a victory celebration at an out-of-town hotel brings the issue to a boil−heated up by a late night romp in the pool with team members clad in their underwear.  The sexually provocative shenanigans force DeWayne and Brad to face their true natures.


WARNINGS: This story contains graphic language and m/m sex.







“Thanks for helping me out with the ice, massage and hot tub.”

“You’re welcome.”

“It wasn’t easy for either of us but you were a trooper what with all three of us naked and all.”

“Yeah!”  Brad terminates the discussion of the delicate topic with its emotional landmines.

That night both students toss and turn in bed, unable to sleep as they replay the incident in their minds.  DeWayne reminisces about how warm Brad’s hands felt on his thigh and how exciting the brief brushes of his pouch were.  He reprimands himself over not being able to control his penis and having it get visibly harder coming out of the therapy tank.  Remembering Peter’s reaction leaves him more confused.

In his dorm room Brad’s dick gets hard thinking of how firm the bulge in his friend’s pouch felt, how warm the crevice between the black buttocks was, and how amazingly large DeWayne’s ebony cock got in the hot tub.  He also ponders the Assistant Coach’s strange behavior.  Replaying finding the image on his locker door makes him wonder if such an activity were really possible.  Certainly it adds depth to the frequent sermons on sodomy.

Knowing they were sinning, both athletes grasp their erections and coax loads of semen from them–the first time either youth has reached orgasm from his own hand while fully awake.  Guilt consumes both of them for days but neither one approaches his Spiritual Advisor about it for fear of being expelled.

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