By Judicial Decree 5: Contract Law

  • Written by: Commander James Bondage


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Diana was comfortably well off after the sudden death of her husband. But she did not have the kind of money she needed to finance her hobby: the acquisition and training of expensive slave-girls. Her neighbor, Rupert Caine, owned a harem of the most beautiful sex-toys in the country, but he refused to even lend them to Diana. If only she could get him to part with one or two of the girls, her problems would be solved. As a former professional poker player, Diana was confident she could win some of Caine’s girls in a card game. But in order to get Caine to play, she would have to sign a contract of indenture, putting up her own freedom as her stake in the game…

By Judicial Decree 5: Contract Law is another exciting story in Commander James Bondage’s popular series set in an alternate America, where slavery is an everyday fact of life.    





"I have seen enough of your submissive side to have a fair idea of your potential in that area," Caine told Diana. She had been summoned back to his apartments the day after her session with Olivia, and now she stood at attention before him, back arched to present her fine, full breasts. "Today, I would like to explore your dominant side," he continued. "I have never before owned a slave who shared my interests in disciplining women, and I want to see if you are a true kindred spirit."

He rose from his seat, and opened a door. Inside, kneeling side-by side on the floor in a dark closet, were two nude female figures. Both were stringently bound with single gloves that pressed their elbows cruelly together, and both were blindfolded. Each girl had a band of tape covering her lips, and the bulges in their cheeks suggested that their mouths were stuffed with something as well.

The two girls were very similar in build. They were tiny and delicate, with small, pert breasts, and subtly curved bodies that suggested wood nymphs or elves. One was a blonde, and the other a brunette.

Caine seized the latter by her long black hair and pulled her roughly to her feet, then out into the full light of the room. "Diana, I  believe you may have seen her around on your visits here, but I don’t believe you were ever formally introduced.  Please meet Marja Sjelling, former debutante, currently a fuck-toy and erotic film star."

He left Marja, and returned to the closet to remove the blonde, again leading her by her hair to stand beside the other girl. "And this is Faith Holman, a minister's daughter and a fine little fuck in her own right. Say hello to Diana Richardson, girls."

As the two mumbled greetings, Diana gazed at them in wonder. She had briefly glimpsed Marja on the day she had proposed the ill-fated poker game, but she had not really paid any attention to her. She now wondered how she could have possibly overlooked her. Marja and her near twin, Faith, were the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen. Except on that one occasion, she had never seen them on her visits to Caine's house, and had no idea he owned such incredible girl-toys.

"Marja ran into some financial difficulties last year, and I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire her at auction," Caine explained. "She's nineteen. Faith over there is twenty-two. She was convicted of defrauding investors to the tune of 100 million crowns in the Eternal Rest case a couple of years ago. Perhaps you remember it. Nice, aren't they?" Caine asked, running his hands over the smooth haunches of the two slaves.

"Yes, Master, they're both lovely," Diana breathed.

"I want you to arrange a little entertainment starring these two," he said. "Have them put on a stimulating show for me, and then…well, I don't suppose I have to explain any further," he said. "Would you like to try that, Diana?"

"Yes, Master," she answered enthusiastically, "I would love to. Is there anything in particular that you want them to do for you?"

Caine shook his head. "You ought to know what I like by now, Diana. Just use your imagination, and show me what kind of mistress you can be." He sat back in his chair. "You can start now."

Diana approached the two bound girls, inspecting them closely.  "Do you feel as good as you look, sweetheart?" She whispered in the trembling Marja's ear. Standing behind her, Diana reached around to cup her firm little breasts. Her skin was amazingly smooth, soft and satiny. The girl's nipples came to life in her fingers quickly. "Very sensitive, aren't they?" Diana said, her lips nuzzling Marja's cheek.

She pinched Marja’s in her fingertips, then twisted them, until the girl gasped in distress. Diana released her for a moment, snatched a single-tailed whip with a long handle from a wall rack, then returned.

"No, no, little slave, you mustn't move without permission from your mistress," she admonished. She seized Marja's dark pony tail in her hand, lifted it high enough to force the smaller girl to stand on her toes, then began to lash her bottom, hips and back viciously, leaving curving pink welts on the pale flesh. The defenseless Marja writhed under the attack, making soft cries of pain. Tears leaked out from beneath the black mask over her eyes.

After Diana had crisscrossed her victim's body with a dozen livid stripes, she stopped. "Do you understand now, dear?" Diana asked. "Don't move without my instruction."

"Mmmm!"  Marja said, nodding rapidly. "Mmmmm!"

Diana recaptured Marja's nipples. "Good. Let's see if you do understand." She began to squeeze the  little chocolate-brown nubs again, then twisted and lifted them until Marja was on her tiptoes again. Then, she dug her long fingernails into the swollen flesh, drawing another wordless cry of agony from the girl. When she was released, Marja immediately resumed her previous  pose.

"That's much better, sweetheart," Diana purred. "Now, get down on your knees and wait for my next order."

Marja sank to the ground, her legs spread wide in the approved position, while Diana turned her attention to Faith. The slender blonde was shaking even more than her companion had. Diana slid her hand up the smoothness on the inside of Faith's thigh, then stroked the outside of her sex with her fingertips.

"Do you like the way your mistress touches you, Little One?" She asked.

Faith did not especially enjoy having her mound handled by anyone, but she particularly disliked the idea of another woman touching her so intimately. On the other hand, she could tell by what she had heard already that it would be a mistake to give this Mistress Diana, whoever she was, an answer she didn't like. Faith took some time to think the matter through logically before answering.  If she admitted that she did not like being handled down there, then…

Faith's thought process was shattered when she heard a loud whap!, and simultaneously felt a broad swath of burning pain across her trim bottom. She jumped straight up into the air, and screamed as loudly as she could, which resulted in a feeble "Uuuuuu!". An impatient Diana, unwilling to wait any longer for Faith's response, had administered a heavy blow to her hindquarters with a thick, studded paddle.

"I asked you if you like the way I touch you, little slave," Diana hissed.

This time, Faith did not hesitate. "Yyyyy! Yyyyy!" She yelped, bobbing her head in assent.

Diana took hold of Faith's glove-encased wrists, and lifted them until they were above her head, forcing the girl to bend forward at the waist with her bottom raised invitingly. "When… I… ask… you… a… question…, you…will …answer…me…" Diana said, accompanying each word with a stroke of the heavy paddle. By the time Diana was finished, Faith's buttocks and the backs of her thighs were decorated with a series of overlapping oblongs of an angry red color. Where the rectangles met, the flesh was darker, almost purple. Faith capered like a mad thing under this assault. Between strokes, she tilted her unseeing eyes up in the direction of  her tormentor in a mute plea for mercy.

Diana lowered the paddle. "Stand straight, legs apart, slut," she snapped.

Faith obeyed instantly. A moment later, Diana's hand was exploring the slot between the blonde's legs. "Wet already?” She asked. “So, you like to have your little pussy stroked by your Mistress, don't you?"

Faith mewed, and nodded violently.

"Show me how much you like the attention," Diana demanded. "I want to know that my efforts are appreciated." Her hand rested  lightly on the entrance to Faith's pussy.

Faith began to work her hips up and down, and around in little circles while pressing down on her mistress's hand. As she did so, she felt soft lips fasten onto her nipples, licking and sucking them into stiffness. It was not long before she felt the heat in her bottom fade into the background, to be replaced by another, far more pleasant warmth, the heat of arousal. As she approached a climax, she moaned softly into the gag.

As she drifted off into a cloud of pleasure, Faith heard her new mistress' voice again. "If you come without my permission, I will give you a real spanking with this paddle."

This snapped Faith out of the haze instantly. She tried to beg for mercy: "No, Mistress, please don't."  What came out from behind the mouth-filling gag and the tape that sealed her lips was "Nnnn! Mmmmm!"

Over the next few minutes, Diana brought the delicate blonde minister's daughter to the edge three times. Each time, rather than allowing Faith to climax, she withdrew her hand, and struck her already suffering bottom with the paddle. After a few minutes of this treatment, Faith was squirming like a snake, crying and mumbling for both mercy and sexual relief.

Diana took a quick glance at Caine. She judged that he was enjoying the show. At least, he was smiling, and there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. She considered asking him whether she should allow Faith to climax, then decided to go ahead on her own.

"Down on your knees, tits on the floor, legs apart, slut," she ordered sternly.

Faith dropped down into position, weeping bitterly. The mistress was not going to let her come, after all she had gone through!

But then she felt slender fingers touching her, caressing her clit and slit exactly the right places in the precisely the right way. "Now you may come, little whore," she heard Diana say. The climax lasted for a long time, as she shuddered with pleasure under the gentle directing hand. Caine had trained her to respond to this kind of treatment, but never before had she come so powerfully from merely being masturbated.  She wondered who this Mistress Diana was, and how she had so quickly achieved a measure of control over her that was, in some ways, even greater than Caine's.

Diane stood over the kneeling girls, and pulled away their blindfolds. They stared up at her, and saw a beautiful older woman with a commanding aura about her.

"Now you two little whores are going to entertain Master Caine," Diana told them. "And if I am not satisfied with your performance, we’re going to have a long private session together, and this time I won't be so gentle. So, do we have an understanding?"

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