Barn Dance by Jules Radcliffe

  • ISBN: 9781504500289
  • Written by: Jules Radcliffe


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After months of furtive assignations that leave Ash cold and unsatisfied, his lover leaves him for a life of riches and respectability. Angry and heartbroken, Ash has noone to confide in until neighboring farmers Seth and Dougal discover his secret love. In their passionate embraces, Ash learns that love which uses and manipulates is not true love as, between them, the couple take him over the edge of ecstasy.

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, m/m sex, m/m/m sex, anal sex, oral sex, and menage relationship.
Word Count: 10,000



Dougal looked at Seth and gave a little hitch of his shoulder. “I’ve known Ash all his life, he don’t say a thing if he don’t mean it. We can trust him.”
“Ain’t the point, Dewie. He’s heartsore. There is no way in hell I’ll take advantage of someone in that state.”
“I think it would be more cruel not to, Seth.” A teasing smile curved Dougal’s lips. “I’ve never heard Ash say so much in one conversation, reckon he must need comfort bad. And hell, I ain’t going to stand in the way.”
“Jesus, Dewie, you’re supposed to back me up, not undermine me,” said Seth, shifting uncomfortably.
“I am backing you up. You’re the one who said you’d love to have him, if only he wasn’t interested in women. Turns out he’s interested in a lot more than we thought.”
“Dewie!” Seth looked daggers at his lover. “Christ, don’t look at me like that, Ash.”
Ash dropped his lids over eyes that blazed. He shot a glance at Dougal, surprised by the intense expression on his face as he watched Seth. Maybe Dougal was not happy about this, for all he was pushing Seth in Ash’s direction. He did not want to hurt Dougal, especially after Robbie had hurt him.
“Forget it, Seth,” said Ash diffidently. “Don’t want to come between you.”
Dougal’s eyes were mischievous now. “You won’t. Well, only in a good way.”
Ash looked an enquiry.
“What my infuriating friend means is that Dewie and me come as a team. We always, er, dance together.” Seth watched Ash closely for his reaction.
Ash was not certain if he had understood. Cautiously, he ventured, “You mean you take other lovers as—um—at once? Like, er, three?”
Dougal laughed softly. “Or four, or whatever. As Seth said, we like to have fun.”

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