Cupid's Reward by Savannah Reardon

  • ISBN: 9781609826024
  • Written by: Savannah Reardon


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Rick unites couples on a daily basis. It's his job. He's Cupid. Unlike what the myth perpetuates, Rick actually works every day, not just on Valentine's Day. When he's not on the job, he lives among the humans and practices being one of them...because one day he will be. When he reaches retirement, he will join the throng of humanity and have his own life to live. So just how does Cupid find love for himself? Rick discovers sometimes love is right under your nose the entire time.

Word Count: 2,940



Rick’s job was simple. Mate the couples with matching auras. Most of the time, his touch simply helped to move things along…nudge a reluctant bachelor in the right direction or cure someone’s cold feet. Occasionally, he would come across couples who considered themselves to only be friends, even though they were perfect for each other. For those, his touch had to linger a bit longer to ensure the union would take.

Despite what most people thought, he worked year round. Being Cupid wasn’t just a one day job. There were many like him all over the world spreading love and happiness to the masses. When he wasn’t on the clock, he lived like any other man. He had an apartment and neighbors. He had friends he spent time with. It was part of the rules. All Cupids had to form attachments and live like the rest of the world…because eventually, they’d be human.

Rick spotted a couple sitting at a table in the food court. Both appeared rather unhappy, but their auras unmistakably matched. He glided over and touched them both on the shoulder. Whatever the immediate issue was, it would blow over. They were meant to be. Fate would not be denied.

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