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Ahoy, fellow lovers of all things tropical and naughty! I present to you: "Seven Lonely Castaways: A Gilligan’s Island Parody for Adults Only." This fun and steamy tale features everyone’s favorite castaways as you’ve never experienced them before! And among them are two of the most beautiful and lusted-after lovelies in television history…yes, the hot, voluptuous, and wanton movie star temptress…and the sweet, innocent, and fetching farmgirl extraordinaire. Hmm, what would it be like to make sweet love with either of these legendary island princesses? Download your copy today and you’ll certainly find out. You are about to experience “tropical paradise” of a whole other order as we venture to a place where the TV cameras of yesteryear were never allowed to go!

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, lewd behavior, and m/f sex.
Word Count: 51,828




Finnegan and the Captain had just made it back to the clearing when Gina marched up behind them.

“Gina! There you are!” the Captain said with a grin—a grin that fell immediately when he realized that she looked about ready to explode—or cry. “Oh, my goodness, what’s wrong?”

Gina was so upset she could barely speak. In fact, she was nearly hysterical. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong!” she wailed. “Apparently, Mr. Man of Science can’t put two and two together and realize that no man says no to Gina LaPlante!”

She started to cry. The Captain took her in his arms. “There, there, Gina. Finnegan and I saw everything, too.”

“Yeah, we saw everything,” Finnegan echoed. “Boy, the Doc sure had his hands full, didn’t he?”

Gina cried harder.


Finnegan hung his head. “Sorry, Cap’n. Sorry, Gina.”

“Gina, it’s okay,” the Captain went on soothingly. “Please don’t cry. You’re a very beautiful woman. Why, you’re the most beautiful and sexy woman we’ve ever seen!”

Gina looked up, sniffling. “Even better than Mary Lynn?”

The Captain’s mouth opened and closed. “Well, I…I guess I wouldn’t really know for sure about that. I mean, we haven’t exactly—”

Gina’s eyes opened wide. “You wouldn’t know? You wouldn’t know? After that show I gave the two of you at the waterfall the other day? And you still ‘wouldn’t know’?”

Both men winced at her words.

“Gee, Gina, I’m really sorry about that,” Finnegan began. “We didn’t mean to look—well, okay, I guess we kinda did. What I mean is, we didn’t mean to get off on it the way we did—well, I mean—”


Gina seemed not to have heard. She glanced down at her incredible body, poorly hidden inside her glittering peach evening dress. “So…you wouldn’t know…?”

Without another word, Gina reached back and unzipped it. Then she pushed both straps from her shoulders. The dress fell to the ground in a gorgeous peachy puddle.

Finnegan’s and the Captain’s jaws followed suit.

“Holy Moby Dick!” the Captain breathed.

“Um, I think you dropped something,” Finnegan replied, licking his upper lip.

“So, you wouldn’t know,” she repeated as she reached back and unfastened her flame-red bra, pulled it off, and dropped it to the ground. “You wouldn’t know who’s better?” She moved the fingers of both hands across her mango-sized mammaries tauntingly. “What could the Doc have possibly found wrong with these? Aren’t they…nice enough?”

“Sweet Jesus!” Finnegan breathed, leaning forward, his eyes all but leaping from their sockets.

“Well, I…I…I…” the Captain began, unable to go on.

“They’re sure nice enough for us, Gina!” Finnegan enthused, nodding emphatically and drooling out of both sides of his mouth.

“And what about these nipples?” She dragged her fingertips across their pinkish-brown goodness. “Do they at least meet your male standards?”

“Mother of King Neptune, yes!” the Captain reassured her.

Finnegan just kept nodding like a wind-up toy.

Now Gina was hooking her thumbs inside the waistband of her matching pantiespanties that fit her form so precisely that nothing whatsoever was left to the imagination. Seconds later, she pulled them down, down, down, over her never-ending thighs, to the ground, then stepped out of them. When she was finished, she crossed one leg in front of the other, struck a mouth-watering pinup girl pose, smiled seductively, and waited.

“Sweet ever-fucking-loving Jesus,” Finnegan murmured. “Look at her, Cap. Look at her!”

“I…I…I…I’m looking, Finnegan. I’m looking.”

“Aren’t I curvy enough for him?” Gina asked, pouting, as she ran her hands from her thighs, around her hips, past her breasts, then straight up over her head.

“You’re sure as hell curvy enough for us,” Finnegan replied. “Ain’t she, Cap?”

“I…I…I…yes, Finnegan, of course, she is. Now, would you shut up and let the woman continue?”

“And my bush…” She lowered her arms and trailed her fingers through her flaming triangle. “What man wouldn’t want to get lost in this?”

“Not us, Gina!” the Captain assured her, licking his lips.

“No, sir, not us!” Finnegan concurred. “But the Doc? Well…”

To which the Captain whipped off his hat, whacked Finnegan on the top of his head, then put it back on.

“Sorry, Gina,” Finnegan mumbled.

“Well, what about my ass…?” She pirouetted slowly and caressed her exquisite cheeks for them. “Isn’t it at least almost as nice as Mary Lynn’s?”

“God, yes!” the Captain and Finnegan answered in unison.

Gina turned back and dropped her eyes toward the straining bulges in each seaman’s pants.

“Well, well, it looks like your two little shipmates want to come out and play, too,” she commented dryly. “Why don’t you let them out for a breath of fresh air?”

Both men looked from side to side with giddy, nervous grins.

“Right here?” Finnegan squeaked.

“Where the Powells might see?” the Captain asked, swallowing hard.

Gina smiled saucily and shook her head. Then she crooked her finger at them, turned, and began wiggling her way into the jungle.

Finnegan and the Captain exchanged almost delirious grins as they followed close behind her, keeping a hand in their pants and their eyes utterly glued to Gina’s swaying, canting, flexing, meaty, and oh-so-gorgeous Ginaness.

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