Anal Angel: Lesbian Erotica by Giselle Renarde

  • ISBN: 9781504502344
  • Written by: Giselle Renarde


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Clarice has problems only Anal Angel can resolve. When she orders the tincture online, all she knows is that it’s gotten great reviews. She has no idea the product comes with an actual angel whose tongue can cure her most troubling ache.


Warnings: This title contains lesbian licking, vaginal fisting and angelic anilingus.
Word Count: 5,000



Clarice ran herself a bath and luxuriated much longer than she would have if the guys had been home. Afterwards, when her skin felt clean and glowing, she perched over the toilet and opened her tincture. That subtle chamomile scent infused the steamy bathroom, and her muscles fell even more deeply into relaxation mode.

She’d read the instructions online before she’d bought it. Simple enough: squeeze one drop onto a clean finger and press against the fissure. She held her breath as she brought the pad of her middle finger to her pain.

The tincture warmed her, especially where the skin was split. Perhaps its healing properties would kick into gear after a few days of use, but from the reviews she’d read online Clarice really thought the fissure would heal itself the moment that soft liquid touched her skin.

With a sigh, Clarice screwed the cap back on and hid the tincture in a box of tampons—somewhere the guys would never look. She hung up her towel and tossed a robe around her shoulders, then stepped out of the bathroom.

The hallway was dark, but a warm light glowed from inside her bedroom. What was that? She hadn’t left her lamp on.

A cold sweat broke at the small of her back. Her muscles clenched.

“Hello?” Clarice called out. “Is someone there?”

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