Between Him & Her by Liz Porter

  • Written by: Liz Porter


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Sarah and Jake have been dating for a couple years and their relationship has taken on new meaning of dull-normal. Sarah and Lisa have been best friends their whole lives. When Jake goes out of town one day for work, Lisa comes over for a much needed day of fun. What starts out as innocent, turns into a wild, erotic day that surprises and pleases both of them. Now, Sarah must decide Between Him & Her

Warnings: This title contains erotic scenes, graphic language, elements of BDSM (toys, submission)
Word Count: 9420




Lisa was on her knees and leaned over Sarah’s leg to grab the lotion. When Sarah placed her hand on Lisa’s back as she leaned over, the lace of Lisa’s bra rubbing against her leg caused goose bumps to form. Lisa rubbed some in her hands and then proceeded to rub Sarah’s legs, starting at the calf, above her ankle. She made her way up Sarah’s thigh as Sarah opened her legs, getting wet at all the attention Lisa was giving her. When Lisa reached the top of her thighs she pushed her nightie up so her panties were exposed. Her face was mere inches from her and Sarah couldn’t remember the last time she was this aroused.

She stopped rubbing lotion on, but was gently tickling the exposed flesh around Sarah’s panties. Up until this moment, no words had been spoken. Lisa was the first to speak. “Sarah, have you ever had sex with a girl?”

“No. Have you?”

“No, but I’ve thought about it. I thought we could maybe do it and see, you know, if we like it.” Lisa looked up at her best friend and waited for a response. Sarah responded by opening her legs a little wider and Lisa moved closer in between them, pushing herself up against Sarah’s body. This was done in slow motion, allowing enough time for either one of them to protest and put a stop to it before it was too late. Neither one stopped.

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