Lezdomination by Alex Jordaine

  • Written by: Alex Jordaine


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Expect a sizzlingly hot S&M read in this stunning collection of eight BDSM Lezdom short stories from the one and only Alex Jordaine.

Read how one lesbian’s discovery of her partner’s illicit affair prompts her to take a punishing revenge, while another’s search through her lover’s secret toy box unleashes her desire for restraint. Find out how an oversexed young lesbian pulls out all the stops to seduce a married woman, only to be severely disciplined for her troubles. Discover how a cruel Mistress gets the tables turned on her with a vengeance when she agrees to train a wannabe dominatrix.

Plus much, much more in this highly erotic collection of short stories that examine with great intensity, humor, and passion the sensuous extremes of Fem/fem sexuality.



Wanda walked Julie and Sarah over to two metal spreader bars that hung side by side from chains attached to the dungeon ceiling. Using metal trigger clips, she attached Julie’s wrist cuffs to either end of one of the metal bars so her hands extended in a broad V over her head, and did the same to Sarah with the other metal bar.

“Spread your legs, slaves,” she told the two naked young women, and clipped their ankle cuffs to either end of the two spreader bars that she placed beneath them. Both their stances had now changed to that of an X. Next she blindfolded them carefully with soft red leather blindfolds so neither of them could see a thing.

Wanda took hold of two black rubber dildos and stood to the front of the two slaves in their spread-eagled bondage. She pressed one dildo between Julie’s pussy lips and the other between Sarah’s and proceeded to masturbate them. At first she thrust the dildos in and out with a slow deliberate rhythm. But soon she built up momentum until she was spearing the rubber shafts into their pussies over and over, filling them with heat and friction.

Before long she was working the dildos into the two young women furiously, wet sucking noises filling the dungeon air. Julie and Sarah moaned and jerked in their bonds in delirious response. The dominatrix kept on dildo-fucking them like this until they felt the pleasure explode through them and, their hearts pounding and pussies throbbing, they climaxed together with a series of shuddering gasps. Their limbs continued to twitch for a time in their bondage after they had climaxed. They gasped with each successive aftershock until their bodies eventually started to relax.

Putting the dildos to one side, Wanda removed Julie and Sarah’s red leather blindfolds and released their wrist and ankle cuffs from the spreader bars. “Kneel at my feet, slaves,” she ordered them.

“Yes, Mistress,” they both said, and hurriedly obeyed, their legs folding submissively beneath them.

Wanda looked down at the two supplicants groveling before her. “What have you to say to your Mistress, slaves?” she asked them, her face glowing with power.

“Thank you so much, Mistress,” Julie replied ingratiatingly, staring up at her stern beauty.

“Yes, thank you so much, Mistress,” echoed Sarah, her voice breathless. She looked up at the dominatrix in spellbound adoration, her big blue eyes aglow. She was deep in subspace by now, filled with the most delicious feeling of total submission. “Thank you so much for dominating us.”

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