His and Hers by Eva Hore and Richard Hiscock


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Erotic writers Eva Hore and Richard Hiscock bring you 17 red-hot reads. Sizzling short stories, certain to please all palates.  The language is explicit, the stories raunchy. There is something here for everyone and what you will discover on Thursday nights in the army will have you gasping for air as will a visit to a very errant dentist.  But if it’s voyeurism you’re into then this photographer gets his share of it as does the limo driver when he leaves the partition open but that’s not all, little does she know what other surprises will be coming her way.




I lifted my head and watched her mouth devouring me. God, it felt so good. I wondered why I’d never done it before. Her tongue flickered around in all the right places and when her fingers began to work on my clit I came in seconds. She didn’t stop though, she kept on nuzzling in and I wrapped my legs around her head, drawing her in even closer.

Michael kneeled up onto the bed; his cock bobbing towards me as the veins threatened to burst his skin. Grabbing his knob, he guided it towards my mouth. Pre-come was oozing from the slit. My tongue snaked out, licked up the drop and then he was pushing it in my mouth and I gobbled it down, licking, sucking hard, swallowing until I nearly gagged.

Laughing, Michael pulled out of me and left me there while he positioned himself behind Sheila. Standing behind her, he spread her legs, which pointed her sexy arse upwards and smiled at me mischievously. My eyes were riveted as he slapped her hard on one cheek. She nuzzled in further to me, obviously enjoying it and again he slapped her.

With her arse pointed straight at him I watched as he rubbed his cock over her cheeks. Then he was pulling her cheeks apart and his knob seemed to be slipping over her hole, probably lubed up with my saliva. My eyes widened as he grabbed her cheeks firmly and began to push himself inside her.

She was clawing at my body, her fingers marking my skin as he began to fuck her. With her mouth dripping with my juices, she lifted herself up, ground herself back into Michael’s pelvis and began to pull at her own nipples.

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