The Bitch Got Her Way by Eva Hore

  • Written by: Eva Hore


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Samantha takes up the position as James’s personal assistant and things seem to be going smoothly until she manages to convince James that she is madly in love with him.

            Fracturing this happy family does not affect Samantha at all so Melanie takes it upon herself to find something incriminating about her.  After snooping in Samantha’s old room she discovers a journal from Samantha’s younger days and it does not paint a picture of innocence which is how she wants to be perceived.

            Her wild and uninhibited escapades, retold in every graphic detail, allow you, the reader, to see the real Samantha.

Warnings: This story contains multiple sex scenes in various couplings and includes graphic language.
Word Count: 14,421




“Tell me.  Tell me everything?” Michelle begged.

            “Okay…Don’t interrupt and promise me you’ll never tell a soul.”

            “I promise.  Now come on.”

“Well, he said he wanted to take me somewhere special, somewhere I’ve never been before, so I said, sure you pick the place.  He drove me out to the country, to a cunt-ry club…emphasis on the word cunt…” She giggled.

            “You’re disgusting,” Michelle said.

            “Anyway, it was this huge mansion where they had silver service, great food and excellent wine.  There was a band playing light music and it was really relaxing.  He surprised me when he said he’d booked us in for the night.  I figured it must have cost a fortune…”

            “Get on with the good bits,” she demanded.

            “Okay…anyway he led me through this passageway with doors leading off and then opened one door and ushered me inside.  It was a smallish room with only a bed, a table and two chairs.  There was a bottle of champagne on the table and glasses.  We sat down and a waiter appeared, opened the bottle, filled up the glasses and just before he left, he pulled the curtains back and revealed a floor to ceiling glass wall.”

            “Wow.  What could you see?” she asked.

            “You Wouldn’t believe it but there were people in the room having sex.”

            “You’re kidding?”

            “Nope.  I looked over at him and he was smirking at me.  He lifted his glass and said, "There’s always a first time for everything."  I think I blushed but I couldn’t take my eyes off the action.”

            “Oh, God, I’d die if someone did that for me but I’d love to see it,” Michelle said.  “Imagine watching someone else fucking.  What a devil he is.” 

            “Anyway, the next thing I noticed was a huge wheel that dominated the center of the room.  A girl was spread eagled and tied to it.  A woman dressed in leather was whipping her while all these other naked people just looked on.”

            “So, there were lots of naked people in the room?”

            “Yeah, it was amazing.  Honestly, I was speechless.  Men and women were either standing around masturbating or lying back on couches.  Some were fucking each other.”

            Whoa.  Where is this place I wondered?

            “Are you shitting me?” Michelle asked.

            “No way.  When the woman with the whip finished a guy spun the wheel and when it stopped she was practically upside down.  A guy knelt to the floor and dropped his cock into her mouth, which she gobbled up like a hungry dog.  A woman leaned over him and began licking her pussy.”

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