Seasons of Lesbian Erotica by Patient Lee

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0431-7
  • Written by: Patient Lee


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A lesbian erotic romance for each season by Patient Lee. (Four stories, varying in length.)

Spring: Alive and Well- A young woman traveling with missionaries in Nicaragua can't leave the country following the March, 1931 earthquake. She writes a letter to her secret lover describing the destruction and reminiscing about their last night together. Just for fun, she details her use of an unconventional sex toy.

Summer: Fighting Fire with Fire- A fire breaks out in an RV, and a volunteer firefighter saves the welder's dog, prompting daydreams of falling in love with the hunky owner. When she meets the welder, she discovers desires she didn’t know she had—feelings for another woman.

Autumn: Ghosts Have Pride- A young woman is unhappy in her relationship with a man until her grandmother's ghost appears to help her discover her desire for women.

WORD COUNT: 35,000

She finally spoke. “You know what you need?”

“Besides a date, you mean?” I leaned back before I realized that she was leaning toward me.

She crawled closer to me until my head bumped against the wall. She straddled my legs, which were straight out in front of me. I tried to push her away, but she grabbed my wrists and held them down on my bed. My head was against the wall; I didn’t have anywhere to go when she planted her lips on mine and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my mouth.

I was horrified. I’d been living with her for almost an entire school year, and I didn’t have any idea that she was gay. I tried to fight. I tried to get my hands free from hers. I tried to push her tongue out of my mouth with my tongue. I grunted. I struggled.

And then I relaxed. My pussy was on fire, pulsing with need. I shuddered, my mind going back to the night when Jenn and I got each other off with our hands. I stopped fighting, letting Kaitlyn’s tongue explore the reaches of my mouth, and letting my tongue wander through hers. A whimper escaped my mouth, and Kaitlyn let go of my wrists. I kept kissing her until I was as rough with her as she was with me.

Kaitlyn was the one who broke the kiss. “See,” she said, leaving me breathless and turned on. “I told you I knew what you needed.” She smiled and put her hands over my tits before I could think to stop her.

“I’m not gay, Kaitlyn,” I said, trying to stop this from going any further.

“I don’t care,” she said. “I’ve been listening to you whine all semester about how much you needed to be touched. I’m gonna touch you.” She tweaked my nipples. Hard.

“Ow!” She didn’t let go. Her smile was cruel, and I felt my face twisting in terror. When she finally released my nipples, she grabbed my shirt and pulled it up. I don’t know why I did it, but I raised my arms to help her remove my shirt.

“Your nipples are hard, Lex. I think you might like this.” She slipped her hands into my bra. I was trembling, partly from fear, partly from arousal. Her smile softened. “Do you?” I nodded. I couldn’t speak. She reached behind me and unhooked it. A spasm shot through me as she pulled the straps off my arms. “You are fucking beautiful,” she said. “Stand up and take your pants off for me. I want to see you.”


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