The Fourth Floor by Kate Karrington

  • ISBN: 9781609828660
  • Written by: Kate Karrington


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WHEN SCHOOL TURNS SINISTER. Girl-on-girl, groups, exhibitionism, blindfolds and bondage… Journalist Sophie finds even her sexual appetite is pushed to the limit at the elite and mysterious School, where every kind of adventurous sex is on the curriculum. Her assignment with Sam—sexy, smouldering Sam—means going under cover with him to investigate a missing girl. To fit in, Sophie must take classes where she is left wide open—literally—to every kind of penetration, and finds she has erogenous zones she didn’t even know existed. And as for Bondage…

Soon Sophie is in dangerous territory in every way: falling for Sam but unsure how he feels about her, delving into her own boundless sexuality, and discovering The Fourth Floor hides a dark and terrifying secret. Caroline, another pupil, likes extra-curricular activities with hot girls, but when Sophie stumbles on Caroline in action (and can’t drag her eyes away), she realises the missing girl is only one part of the dark side of this School. When things turn sinister Sophie finds she is the hunted and not the hunter. Different Game. Higher stakes. Can she survive to tell the story?  


Warning: This title contains explicit sex scenes: f/f sex, group sex, some anal and some bondage.

Word Count: 50,000




“Welcome to Pushing Boundaries,” the woman said. “I’m Rhona, this is Tom. These classes are informal, so please—feel free to speak at any time, ask questions, or stop us if you don’t like something.”

As Rhona spoke, a young Asian woman was led into the room, with cropped black hair and fine features—and completely naked except for the coils of rope tied around her, accentuating her tiny waist and perfect breasts, coiling over and under them and across her shoulders, binding her arms behind her. Sophie’s eyes were drawn to the sheen on the girl’s skin, as if she’d been oiled, and to her slim waist and heavy breasts. She looked a little apprehensive, but kept her eyes down. Sophie recognized the Japanese Shibari rope around the girl’s body—fine rope that was used in Japanese bondage rituals and could be sensual and beautiful, as well as keeping the submissive bound so tightly they could move only when and where the dominant desired.

Rhona continued: “This will be our background lesson. A request, of course.” She nodded, and a naked dark-haired man came from one of the alcoves to stand behind the girl. His muscular shoulders and gleaming torso showed the same sheen as the girl’s: both oiled and ready for anything. He took hold of the lead rope and pulled the girl so she stood by the table, then he laid the flat of his hand on her back and positioned her face down, facing the room. A strand of rope led from the deep bindings on each of her wrists—they looked almost like a wide rope bracelet. The man took the ropes attached to the girl’s wrists and wound each onto metal stays on either side of the table.

The girl was effectively pinned to the wood, arms wide. Her glistening buttocks perched on the edge, her legs together.

Sophie couldn’t take her eyes off the spectacle, aware she wasn’t the only one mesmerized by it. The men and women at The School were varied: some with great bodies, some not so much; some handsome, some not. Some celebrities, some not. They were human, not cardboard cut-cuts or like the “after” pictures on plastic surgery adverts. But this girl was beautiful. Fine boned with elegant features and a lithe body any man in the room—and many women—would want to get to know better.

She was bound beautifully too, the rope around her gleaming body holding her so tightly in place she couldn’t move a centimetre in either direction. Sophie knew it was an art, but she’d had no idea she would feel such a rush of arousal watching the beautiful girl laid open for them all to see, face down, as the man ran his middle fingers down the crease of her buttocks and then pushed them inside her. She lay still, accepting his every thrust with small tremors.

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