Any Time, Any Place (The Pleasure Principle Series) Book 2

  • ISBN: 9781609829940
  • Written by: J.L. Dillard


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Intense from the start, Any Time, Any Place hypnotizes and enraptures you with unbelievable scandals, and tumultuous love affairs. AJ Arenas is back and quickly finds herself caught in a three-way love affair that was easy to get into and even harder to get out. Pulled in different directions, she must decide what’s important – her career, her overactive libido or realizing true love.

Stafford Drummond, the ex-fiance, Ainsley Ponder, the broadcaster and Bryson McKinley, the pro-football quarterback all have one thing in common, AJ Arenas and after experiencing her love, their addiction is strong and there isn’t a rehab in the world that can cure what ails them.

Kylie Capehart, Dominique Wall, Jamila Stewart and Phaedra Kenzie, the women of Any Time, Any Place each have their own agenda and score to settle.


With nowhere to run, AJ must risk it all or risk losing it all. This continuation of THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE SERIES intertwines love, hate, jealousy, envy, vengeance, infidelity and scandal.

Warnings: This title contains Eroticism, Lesbian Sex, Mulitple Partners with graphic language and situations some might find objectable. It is intended for readers over the age eighteen.


Word Count: 46,821




Stafford had lain awake in bed for hours before finally making a move. Even in his sleep, she possessed his thoughts. To alleviate his pent up aggression, he’d gotten out of bed at three a.m., pulled on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs to his customized in-home gym for a workout. It hadn’t worked. He saw her everywhere he turned. The décor, the style, the furniture, she’d made it a home and when she left it was an empty shell barely on life-support.

In bed, he tossed and turned unable to fall asleep after running on the treadmill for nearly an hour. His thoughts were on fire, his body following suit. He reached down, pushed the sheets back and slowly began to stroke himself. His thick penis throbbed up and down, having a mind of its own. It had been so long since he’d last been with her, the familiar curves and smell of her body tortured him. He reached into the nightstand drawer, pulled out a tube of lotion and the picture he’d kept hidden in one of his car magazines.

Longings for her had become his favorite pastime and it was all he could do to keep his sanity in check. He rose to his knees, positioned her picture on his pillow and stared at her. It was as if she was in the room with him, the sounds of her lovemaking piercing his ears, her hands and fingers caressing his body. Remembering how she loved for him to touch her, taste her, make love to her stimulated him more and he slowly began to jerk and stroke his penis, quickly on the cusp of reaching his climax.

“Damn,” he whispered, wanting her with him. He leaned back, massaging his chest and caressing his thighs. All the things she’d done for him. Low groans filled the room as he stroked himself and pinched his nipples. The faster he stroked, the more he wished she was there watching him as she loved to do. Incapable of holding it, he stroked faster and harder. It had never taken him long when he thought of her. Spurts of white hot liquid shot out, coating his chest and stomach. Angrily he swore, grabbing his towel and wiping himself clean.

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