Julia 07 by Delores Swallows

  • ISBN: 9781504502092
  • Written by: Delores Swallows


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Julia receives an invitation to attend a Retirement Ball for an ex-lecturer and decides to attend, even though she won’t know any of the other attendees. Once there, she meets two charming young men who both vie for her affections, each trying to persuade her to choose him over the other. But as the night progresses, she realises her choice doesn’t have to be a simple either-or decision… 

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 5000



Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Julia opened the door and walked back to stand by the dresser. The men’s expressions were a picture, and she noticed their cocks also twitched at the sight of her.
She shrugged. “I couldn’t choose between you, so I’ve decided to be a greedy girl and have you both.”
Mark and Paul looked at each other briefly, then back at Julia. Neither spoke, but both seemed to be more than happy with her decision. Paul kicked off his shoes and trousers, and Mark did the same. Both men moved higher up the beds until they were both lying flat.
Julia stepped forward to stand between the beds. “I’m going to have you one at a time, so in order to decide who goes first, it’ll be whoever has a birthday closest to mine.”
Both men nodded, understanding the rules.
Julia looked at Paul and raised her eyebrows.
She turned to Mark.
She reached down and placed a single finger on Mark’s stomach, tracing small circles to the side of his naval. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to be patient because my birthday’s in September.” As she turned towards Paul’s bed she looked back over her shoulder at Mark. “But you get to watch the fun while you’re waiting.”
Julia climbed onto Paul’s bed and straddled him. The room was suddenly silent—both men seemed to be holding their breaths. She wrapped her fingers around Paul’s cock. There was no need for foreplay—he was rock hard, she was soaking. She brushed his cock back and forth between her sex lips until the head gleamed with her slickness. Then she eased it inside and lowered herself slowly onto him. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh, relishing the feel of the first man she’d been with for months. She squeezed herself around him and held still for a few moments to enjoy the sensation, allowing herself to stretch. Then she opened her eyes and looked at Paul. He pushed his hips up, obviously enjoying being buried deep inside her.
Julia rocked her hips forward and back, slowly, positioning herself so that Paul’s shaft brushed against her clit as she moved on him. She saw him catch his breath and smiled, moved her hips a little faster. Her intention wasn’t to use him to get herself off, but to please him, give him something to remember.
Aware that Mark was watching her from just a few feet away, she made sure to put on a good show, undulating her body as she rode Paul. She emitted low murmurs of pleasure as she moved on his cock. As she increased the speed a little, Paul groaned.
She smiled at his reaction. “Hmm, do you like that?”
Paul nodded, bit his lip. She leaned back, resting her hands on his thighs, and started to thrust a little faster. She looked down at herself and knew she looked good. Her breasts were firm and high, her stomach flat and toned, her thighs pale and smooth above the stocking-tops. With each thrust of her hips, Paul’s cock vanished inside her, only to reappear slick with her juices.
Glancing over at Mark, she saw he was stroking his own cock, already fully erect. A thrill ran through her, knowing she’d be getting to ride that one as soon as Paul was through. 

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