Victor-Juliet-Charlie by Delores Swallows

  • ISBN: 9781504503051
  • Written by: Delores Swallows


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When police raid a large house in an exclusive London suburb expecting to find women forced into the sex trade by human traffickers, all they find are very attractive young women reaping the benefits of being the play things of older Russian oligarchs. While most of the officers consider their evening wasted, Lynne, a WPC, sees things differently. Having witnessed a young blonde woman tied to a bed being used by two men, she finds herself both excited and painfully aware that her own life isn’t as exciting as it should be. 
As the raiders ‘debrief’ over a few drinks at the pub, Lynne confesses to Joey, an old friend and ex-lover, how much the experience had affected her. And when a young, handsome PC joins their conversation, she realises that this may be the perfect opportunity for her to have a little fun of her own…


Warnings: This story contains scenes involving graphic sex.
Word Count: 10,283


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