A Proposal Most Indecent by Siobhan Skald

  • ISBN: 9781504503167
  • Written by: Siobhan Skald


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Francine needed a change. She realized how empty her life became when her children went to college, leaving her in an empty house. With nothing to occupy her time, she turned to studying her relationship with her husband, William. As a father, he was beyond reproach. As a husband, well, with her newfound clarity she realized their relationship ended years ago. He always treated her with respect and courtesy but now she realized there was an underlying tension pushing them apart.

With the help of her best friends, Cleo and Sam, Francine tried to reignite the passion she and William shared in their youth. The attempt failed disastrously leaving Francine lost in a sea of confusion and anger. Without a way to move forward with her life, or her marriage, she turned to her friends for help. Sam and Cleo offered her a choice beyond anything she ever imagined. Their solution to her loneliness and unfulfilled physical desire? Become a prostitute to an exclusive community.

Initially Francine is repulsed and deeply offended that her best friends thought she was capable of selling her body. What did it say about them or how they saw her that they thought selling sex was a solution to her marital problems? But as they explained the details of their proposal, she became intrigued with the idea. After her friends convince her she will be safe and never have to do anything she doesn’t want to, she accepts their offer. Turning her back on a passionless marriage, Francine begins a journey of self discovery and sexual fulfillment. Each new sexual encounter teaches her something about herself, but the power of her femininity demands a cost. It will take all her newfound confidence to survive the reactions of her family to her new life.

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, f/f sex, group sex and public sex.
Word Count: 54000


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