Actress Inside the Super Hero by Jessica Mandella

  • Written by: Jessica Mandella


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You saw my role on stage.  You never saw me. I was the invisible actress inside the super hero.

Have you wondered about us Super Heroes?  Our private lives? Our love lives?  Orientation?  Secret identities?  Gender identities?  Secret gender identities?

I was the “male” hunk, born with female brain and sensuality.  Suppressing my core personality, I buried myself in a made-up male role.  Now I achieve total recall.  I remember my womanhood, telepathy and super powers.

Super hero stories have a mythology.  Does our spiritual back-story seem as mythical?  Hey, it's only fiction.  But if you believe in it, this message is for you:

You took the red pill.  You've seen the UFOs.  Something's out there.  So are we.



Wendy took one last dig.  “If you'd asked me for a blow job, I might have considered it for once in my life.  But there's no fucking way I'm licking your tits on a bull.  I was fantasizing about my old husband Lester, who used to fuck me senseless.  I married a man, not a woman.  I have no use for a wife.  You get your shrink, and you get your shit straight or this marriage is over.  And knock off this Peter Pan bullshit about flying and super powers.”

* * * *

Jocelyn was a compassionate shrink.  “Now remember your fight with Wendy, while I listen in.”  Yes, she's a telepath. 

* * * *

She played with the pencil on her desk as she mused.  “I get the transgender issues.  It's clear your brain is female.  But this super powers thing is scaring your wife.  She's afraid you're psychotic.”

Jocelyn flicked the pencil too far and it rolled off the desk toward me.  She saw the pencil freeze, float in mid air and return to her.  “Thank you Les.”  She raised one eyebrow.  “Here's the verdict.  You can't be married to a muggle.  You're not equally yoked.”


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