DreamWalker by Jessica Mandella

  • Written by: Jessica Mandella


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It's not insider trading if your stock tips are from dreams.  During the DreamWalker project, Sam walked into comatose dreams and death experiences of fallen soldiers all over the world.  He got their secrets out before they finished dying.  Sam never should have started DreamWalking again.  He told the shrink about his three weeks of bloody nightmares.  He didn't tell him they were about dying as his hot busty blonde gaming avatar.  And he sure as hell couldn't tell him last night some red headed dream girl elf just gave him his first and only, mind blowing, body thrashing, sheet clutching, female orgasm.


DreamWalking is as intense as waking life.  In his dream, Sam appears in Sheela's hot busty blonde body in the on line video game.  She’s looking for the same elf she met last night.  She hopes against hope the elf is a real person, not just some vivid fantasy from a cruel dream.


“What's yer poison?”  The bartender is smiling, a little.  Strictly business.


As Sam answers, she hears a sultry, seductive voice behind her answering at the same time.  “Walker, straight up”.


The elf looks Sam up and down, making Sam blush as she stares at her.  The elf's soft voice is like velvet song.  “Nothin like the taste of a good Walker, right?”


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