Employee of the Month by Liz Porter

  • Written by: Liz Porter


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When Emily gets caught having sex in the storage room at work with her boyfriend, her sexy boss confronts her with blackmail. She has to agree to something that at first, sounds unpleasant. However, once she gets started, the heat is under the lights is too hard to dismiss.



“Well, do you have anything to say?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear what you were saying.”

“You didn’t hear me?” Becky leaned over Emily placing a hand on each of her arm rests. Emily now had full view of her cleavage and could see the outline of a purple bra. She tried to look at something else, but she had nowhere to turn her head. Becky was close enough to give her a kiss. For a minute that thought ran through Emily’s mind.

“I said that I put video cameras in the storage room awhile back. I asked what you thought of that.”

Em thought she didn’t hear her correctly. Video cameras in storage? “Why, why would you do that?” Emily stammered through her question.

“Because there’s a thief among us. Someone likes to take books that don’t belong to them. But imagine my surprise when I put the tape in to see who my thief was, and saw you instead.”

Emily felt her face get flushed, then drain again. Becky straightened up and went over to the recorder, pressing play.

At first there was static, but then she could see herself leading Josh in the room. She thought back and realized this was the first time. This is when they got caught leaving the room. Becky must’ve known since then.

She looked back up at the screen and Josh was opening her blouse and unhooking her bra. He pushed her back down on the table and lifted her legs to rest on the top. The skirt she was wearing slid up and revealed no panties underneath. She had known he was coming and wanted to surprise him that day. He pulled the chair over and sat in front of her open legs, but when he did, the view of her was blocked. She could see him leaning his head in and her hand on his head.

She turned away from the screen. She wasn’t embarrassed. She thought it was hot; not just seeing herself on the screen, but Becky watching with her. She felt aroused even though she thought she should feel mortified.

“Look at the tv, Emily. The best part is coming up.” Becky was still standing next to it. “I’ve watched this before, of course, but it’s much more exciting to watch with you.”

Emily looked back over at the television. She was unsure what to do. Part of her wanted to get up and leave, but she figured she’d be fired on the spot. She wondered why she hadn’t been fired when this was discovered. She looked up and saw her hand on Josh’s head, pushing his head into her pussy. She shifted slightly in her seat, feeling the moistness between her legs.

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