Toy Story by Fable Saunders

  • Written by: Fable Saunders


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After our heroine’s divorce, her bff Diane introduces her to all kinds of new things that she’s not sure she is ready for. Following an eye-opening excursion to a sex-toy shop, Diane has lots more to introduce her to back at her apartment. When Diane’s boyfriend Roberto drops by, our girl finds herself way out of her depth struggling between a frantic desire to leave and a fervent desire to stay. What will she learn before this afternoon is through?


All we had time for was a quick review at Diane’s place. She was giving me computer lessons. She was fed up with my dependence on a landline and the telephone book. She called me a dinosaur. She insisted I come to her place and learn how to do the internet on her fancy silver laptop. We were on lesson three.

As we were Googling dating sites the doorbell rang. Diane went to answer and came back with a handsome, dark haired man. “This is Roberto,” she said.

“Oh hello,” I said, scrambling from my chair. “I’ll just grab my coat!”

“Relax,” Diane said. “Roberto’s early, he can wait.” She winked at him. “I have to take a shower; you entertain Roberto until I get out.”

As she disappeared into her bedroom, I must have blushed a thousand shades of pink. Diane was shameless. But Roberto didn’t seem perturbed. He shrugged off his leather jacket and tossed it over the banister. “I see you ladies have been shopping,” he said.

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