Asking Her Roommates by Nadia Diament

  • Written by: Nadia Diament


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Caroline’s Friday night plans just crashed and burned. A guy she doesn’t even like dumps her, and to add insult to injury, he calls her boring.  When she comes home to her roommates, Kent and Mike, she realizes she wants them to console her—together—but isn’t sure they feel the same way.

Ever since Caroline moved in, Mike and Kent haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. When Kent discovers her dirty little secret, he knows it’s time for them to act on their desires.

Mike never got over Kent after they broke up, but the thought of having both his roommates is too tempting an offer to pass up. The three of them deserve to have the night of their lives, but will they be able to navigate a polyamorous relationship?




Kent sat a little straighter, clasping his fingers and resting them on the table, apparently ready to take on the challenge. “What’s clear in this matter is that Jason is a gormless tosser.”

“You can say that again.” Caroline narrowed her eyes and stared at the ceiling. “Whatever that means.” She drank more wine.

“Are you terribly sad about him breaking up with you?” He canted his head.

“No,” she admitted.

Jason was funny and nice enough, but there was never that “we’re totally on the same wavelength” connection. Maybe that’s why he thought things were flat. He was an asshole for blaming it on her, though.

Caroline rose and went to a cabinet to grab two more wine glasses. If the guys were going to play the parts of sympathetic girlfriends, she may as well ply them with alcohol.

Knowing Mike didn’t particularly care for wine, she pulled one of his IPAs from the fridge and poured it into his wine glass with a smirk. After she handed it to him, he raised the delicate glass to her in a silent toast. She grinned. Once she poured Kent his glass of red, he sipped at it and stared into space.

Coming out of his thinking place, Kent concluded, “So to confirm, you’re not upset that he insulted you; you’re more concerned about the validity of the insult. Because those are two rather different issues.”

“Yes.” She could pretend the wine was loosening her tongue, but truth was, she wanted the male perspective instead of overanalyzing and theorizing with her girlfriends.

“Did you ever say anything to him about knowing that you have awesome tits?” Kent asked.

He made the question sound so innocuous, almost clinical, but then his gaze dipped to her chest again. Warmth teased its way through her. Maybe she hadn’t been so covert with her appreciation of her housemates after all. When she and Kent made eye contact once more, his blue eyes seemed sharper, darker, instead of the warm friendliness she was used to. She swallowed. The wine was making her imagine things.

“I don’t think there was ever occasion to,” she answered, barely remembering the question.

She looked over at Mike, who was apparently studying her as intently as Kent was. Awareness made things feel slow, every small movement languorous. She didn’t know what was happening, but knowing they were both staring at her flustered her as much as it intrigued her. Mike cleared his throat, jogging her from her daze.   

“I see where Kent is going with this.” He sipped his IPA from the wineglass, putting on his own professorial airs.

Kent leaned his jaw into his hand, smirking. “Oh really?”

Ignoring him, Mike continued, “It has nothing to do with you. You can be super quiet. Sounds like he didn’t make you comfortable enough to come out of your shell, so maybe you came across as…what’s the word I’m looking for?”

“Aloof?” Kent suggested.

Mike threw his hand in the air dismissively. “Sure, that’ll work. Aloof.”

Caroline nodded, leaning forward and resting her forearms on the table. She was drawing attention to her boobs again, but found she really didn’t mind the attention from the guys.

Kent pointed his finger at Mike approvingly. “That was my theory, yes. But, to build on that, I think you’re afraid of being boring.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “There’s something on your mind that you feel like you’re missing out on.”

A laugh tumbled out of her. “That’s quite the theory, Dr. Jung.”

“Well, is it true?” Mike prodded. “Something missing in your life, Olly?”

Heat suffused her. She told herself it was the wine, not his dark, assessing gaze.

Unbidden, the image of the three of them together, all hot mouths and entangled limbs, blossomed in her head.

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