An Education by Charlotte Voss

  • Written by: Charlotte Voss


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Zac and Aidan want more than book learning from their English teacher, Sara Lovery.  As the end of their college days near, they put a plan in motion to turn their fantasies into reality and teach her a few lessons.  With a breath-taking singlemindedness, they pursue her, with no consideration for the professional consequences she will face. 

But Sara has plans of her own for the two boys.  She knows what they want is wrong, but after everything she’s been through, the opportunity for sexual adventure with two lustful young men is too much to resist.  She leads them down a path full of unexpected pleasures, where she shows them who the teacher really is.  It is a path that changes all of their lives. 

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 17,600




“We’re going to have her.”  Zac’s face was full of lustful determination as they watched Ms Lovery stride across the yard, her breasts bouncing lightly beneath her blouse with the self-assured rhythm of her steps.

    “Are you fucking mental?  It’s a fantasy, dick head.  She teacher.  We students.  Not possible.”  Aidan tried to dampen the fire burning in his best mate’s loins, unsuccessfully.

    “Don’t be a pussy,” Zac retorted, still fond of using the occasional school yard phrase.  “We’re leaving in two weeks, off to university never to see her again,” he added.

    “We’re her students!” Aidan emphasised the obvious.

    “Better to regret something you have done…” Zac offered one of his ‘how to live your life’ philosophical snippets to increase his persuasion, only to be met with another brick wall.

    “The only thing we’ll be doing is getting booted out of college,” Aidan insisted.

    “I’d rather that than have to look back when I’m fifty odd with three kids and a fat wife and think, what if…?”

    “You’ll be fat and impotent by then so what’s the difference?”

    “That! is exactly my point.  We need to go for it while we’re young and sexy and rock fucking hard.”  Zac developed his argument while grabbing the bulge in his pants and pulling a grotesquely sexual facial expression. 

    Aidan considered this.  It was true.  Everyone past the age of forty seemed to advocate the same thing—do it while you’re young. He wasn’t entirely sure they meant do your teacher while you’re young but he began to ponder whether the philosophy could be used to their advantage in this context…

    “So, how are we going to do it?” Zac pushed.

    “Give it a fucking rest, mate,” Aidan deflected, but the seed Zac had planted in his mind was starting to take root.

    Ms Lovery approached where they stood leaning nonchalantly on the art block wall.  Her hair bobbed around her shoulders in dark, auburn tresses.  It was cut in layers with a thick, tousled fringe sweeping across her face, giving her a wild, sexy edge.  She wore a slate grey, high-waist pencil skirt which rode up a little with each step and red patent heels.  The heels accentuated slender ankles and shapely calves; the skirt clung to the fullness of her hips and the small, round curve of her stomach.  Tucked into her skirt was a white blouse covered in little blue birds with a red collar and cuffs.  Around her neck was a red garnet on a thin leather strap.  Her fashion sense was a topic regularly discussed.  It was classic teacher fantasy with a twist of lime, put together with such careful consideration and worn with such confidence that no one ever noticed the chipped nail varnish or occasional grazed knee.     She removed a piece of hair that clung to her lip gloss in the breeze and, as she did so, turned and caught their gaze.  Her eyes were wide and amber-green, illuminated by a touch of dusky eyeshadow and mascara. 

    “Oh, morning lads.  Damned lip gloss.  You should think yourselves lucky you don’t have to deal with such traumas.” 

    “How do you know we don’t?” Zac bantered, pouting his lips and putting his hand on his hip.

    “Suits you, sir,” she bantered back, glancing at her watch and laughing.  “Hey, don’t be late!” she added and strode on, leaving them like puppies, mouths agape as they watched her glorious arse fade into the English block.

    “And you don’t think she’s worth the consequences, Aid?” Zac raised his eyebrows dramatically.   

    Aidan swallowed hard.  “C’mon, we don’t wanna be late, like she said.”   

    With that they grabbed their bags and headed towards Ms Lovery’s classroom.

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