The Watermans Get Freaky by Elle Danielson

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0414-0
  • Written by: Elle Danielson


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Back in high school, Chris and Jana were considered the biggest prudes in their graduating class. But ten years have passed, and circumstances have led them to abandon the conservative moral values they once cherished. They’ve developed a new appreciation for pleasures of the flesh, and they’re on a mission to find new playmates with whom they can share all the fetishes, kinks, and carnal enjoyment they once denied themselves. Their upcoming high school reunion seems like the perfect opportunity to turn old acquaintances into new friends with benefits. But will any of their former classmates be interested?





“Did we make a decision about tomorrow?” Jana asked. “My mom said she can watch the girls overnight.”

            Chris grew thoughtful. Their ten-year high school reunion. “Yeah,” he said. “I want to go.”

            “Are we really gonna do this?”

            “Yeah. It’s time to let go of all the bullshit. This is the final step.” He ran a hand up the length of her torso, cupping her full breast. Her nipple hardened under his touch. “Do you think it would be a sin if we invited Elena Farris over to suck my cock and then after she sucked me off, she spit my cum into your mouth?”

             “I don’t think so,” Jana replied. “Do you think it would be a sin if we invited Cedric Jackson over to fuck my ass?”

            “I don’t think so. Do you think it would be a sin if I fucked your pussy while he was doing it?”

            Jana was getting horny again. “Ummm…I think it would be a sin if you didn’t.”

            Chris was already hard again, thinking about Jana’s ass with Cedric’s thick cock in it, Elena’s mouth wrapped around his own cock, the two women rolling around naked and sharing his cum, and several other fantasies they had cooked up since they started this whole ‘Would it be a sin’ game two years ago. At first, when they were still so vanilla that oral seemed exotic and kinky, it had been as simple as ‘Would it be a sin if I put my mouth on you down there?’ They had come a long way since then, questioning the sinfulness of inviting friends to watch and participate while they engaged in every deviant act they had ever seen since their first forays into the world of Internet porn. Their sexual awakening had been adventurous and creative. And starting tomorrow, they were taking things to a whole new level.

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