Pieces of Tale by Jessica Mandella

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0412-6
  • Written by: Jessica Mandella


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Working for the tabloid ‘Exposed’, Dr. Jill Baker (the Time-Share Wife) is exposed to disturbing things.  It shows in this, her debut as an erotic author: ‘Pieces Of Tale’.  While Jill holds to the light, these stories prove she’s navigated some rather creepy corners of the world.


Tale 1.  Jack & The Reaper.

Jack the serial rapist uses a dog to sniff out ovulating women in the park.  He meets his match, literally.  This woman looks like his mother’s old photo.  Then Jack meets the Grim Reaper.  (Researching this story, it goes far beyond anything similar found.)


Tale 2.  The Disorderly.

Garreth works in the nursing home where Mildred, his 92-year-old grandmother resides.  One day he picks up one of the paperbacks Mildred loves.  Flipping it open, it shocks him…not cause it’s smut, but because her need has invaded his fantasy.


Tale 3.  The Casting Ouch.

Hopeful Starlet Vera Broad is given two choices.  Lose the clothes and get the part, or go home empty handed.  She’ll take the third option.


Tale 4.  Two-Year Lease.

Terry’s mother-in-law’s Long Term Care has drained them.  Luke, the richest, most eccentric tenant of the building Terry manages, hires Terry’s wife Sheila at his firm.  An inspection condemns the building as an earthquake deathtrap.  Luke has to move.  Terry’s out of a job.  Luke offers two million up front for a two-year lease on Terry’s master bedroom suite, including the marriage bed…with Sheila in it.


Tale 5.  One Flesh.

The Great Rex, a Las Vegas telepath showman, ponders his wife’s intended affair.  She and Rex are one flesh.  Her lover would take her, Rex’s flesh, without Rex’s consent.  That’s rape.  For trying that, her lover gives up all his rights.


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