All or Nothing - The Pleasure Principle Series (Book 1)

  • ISBN: 9781609829483
  • Written by: J.L. Dillard


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Being desired by every man and woman she meets had never been a problem for AJ Arenas until her fiancé ended their relationship by cheating. When AJ realizes all is fair in payback and sex, she decides to make up for lost time. Shedding her good girl image behind closed doors, she made her first conquest a scandalous threesome involving a too-close-for-comfort colleague and an All-American football player. Soon AJ is caught up in a tangled web of passion, secrets and betrayal which lead her into the arms of a familiar enemy and the bed of an unexpected love. With everyone hot on her heels, it’s All or Nothing and AJ is ready for anything except falling in love.

Warnings: This title contains MFM Menage, Lesbian Sex

Word Count: 32,945




“Open your legs baby,” he told her and slammed against her body. The sound of their bodies smacking against one another mixed with their grunts and groans made them wilder. “Shit, this pussy is good baby,” he growled and pushed her legs back. “Lemme get in there baby.” Ainsley slowed his grinds, reaching down to rub her clit with his thumb. They had a different speech and he pounded her pussy like he had earlier. Her breast jiggled and he enjoyed watching how they bounced. “You like that baby?” AJ nodded. Sex with Ainsley with different and she loved the change of pace. With Bryson it had been slow, mind-blowing love-making which made her more than enjoy him. It made her think. He made her think. Think about things she had no business thinking about. All she wanted was sex. Nothing more. Now that had all changed. At least with Ainsley she knew once it was done, it would be over. The same couldn’t be said about Bryson. “Nut on my dick baby,” Ainsley instructed, knowing she wasn’t far from going over the edge. “Don’t make her nut just yet,” Bryson said. “Get her up.” The feel of Bryson’s comforting hand on her back couldn’t have prepared her for what happened next. She tightened her grip around Ainsley’s neck and closed her eyes tight. A finger slipped into her ass, then another, stretching her until she screamed out. It was a painful pleasure and she wanted to feel his dick inside her. Ainsley reached around and spread her cheek while Bryson fucked her with his fingers. Sweet torture ripped through her body and she begged like never before. “Please, baby,” she said. “Please, what?” Bryson asked and smacked her hard on the ass. “Fuck me,” AJ begged.

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