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Self-pleasure. Masturbation. Touching yourself. We all do it and some of us really enjoy it. Take a trip with 20 intimate strangers who want to share their adventures in self-pleasure. They’ll give you hot details on how they touch themselves, why they do it and how they came to this place in their lives. Read, relax and learn. Who knows, you might even pick up a few tips to try during your next self-love session. Whether you’re married or single, gay, straight or bi or maybe you’re just curious about all of the above, there’s someone here that has something to share with you. And make no mistake, these people like to share everything.

Do you do it daily? Weekly? Monthly? Do you have a favorite toy? A special position? A perfect place? Is there a special image or fantasy that gets you off every single time? Self love is as special and unique as you are and the more you learn, the better you are. After all, practice does make perfect. The people you’ll meet come from everywhere and next door. They’re men and women, each with their own story and their own way of doing things. So the next time you fly solo, remember that in some ways, you’re never alone on that special trip.

Warnings: This book contains graphic depictions of self loving by both men and women, m/m sex, m/f sex, f/f sex, anal, oral, straight, toys, light bondage and lots of lots of orgasms.
Word Count: 50,000




I’ve always been a big fan of the outdoors. I grew up on a piece of land that used to be an old dairy farm. After my folks retired and moved to Florida, they gave me the place. I mean we were never farmers, but having over fifty acres to myself plus the old pond and the barn and stuff made for a very unique childhood. What it really did was make me aware of how good it felt to be outdoors and have complete privacy.


I’m a pretty sexual girl and always have been. As I got older and more in touch with who I was, I began to realize that while I loved sex, it needed to be just so, for me to really enjoy it. I first figured out what I needed just before I left for college.

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